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Black Númenóreans

The high men of Númenór who were bent to the worship of Sauron.

Ar Pharazon is prophesied to return with the Númenórean Fleet that invaded Valinor.

The Mouth of Sauron is Sauron's Lieutenant.

Uwimana Ancalimon is the Queen Marshall of the Black Númenóreans.

Pthoraesictisia Adunauriel is a tremendously powerful Priestess of Sauron.

Lord Anor Mordwind is a Black Númenórean who may still linger on Arda.

King Avor the Black is a Black Númenórean king, thought to be the best in ten generations.

Grand Admiral Rubanza Akil is a Black Númenórean Admiral, one of the greatest strategists their culture produced.

Lalanina Phzur is a Black Númenórean savage priest.

Akinyemi Nguni the Barbarian is a Black Númenórean.

Nabila Adûnaphel the Quiet is a Black Númenórean.

Godlumthakathi Githinji is a Black Númenórean.

Candy Goldenwood is a Black Númenórean.

M'rgot Adl'r is a Black Númenórean priestess of Melkor / Morgoth.

Daur-Phazan Landosalan is a Black Númenórean priestess of Melkor / Morgoth.

Jaha is a Black Númenórean.

Aoul Vaak is a Black Númenórean Ranger.

General Mohamid Amin Manawi 'The Prophet' is a Black Númenórean Priest.

Machui Nabila - Ranger(Amazon) L12 NE Black Númenórean - is a Black Númenórean Ranger.

Tarajika Abif - Runic Knight(Inquisitor) L14 LN 1/2 Black Númenórean

Zalika - F(Amazon) L15 NE Black Númenórean

Daktari is a Black Númenórean scholar, translating documents into Adunaic for his queen.

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