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The Free Imperia

Founded by immigrants fleeing the collapse of other worlds, the Free Imperia consists of elves, humans, dwarves, and other races. Mostly humans, but most importantly elves. They cracked the seal on the sphere of Arda, starting the Age of Return, and returning magic to Arda, potentially with catastrophic consequences. The Capital of the Free Imperia is the sister cities of Nexus Prime and Micadonia, surrounded by the South Valley and Westmark suburb capitals of the major member states.

Meta Game

The Party

The Party (full listing) are the primary group of adventurers, who founded, govern, and maintain the Free Imperia.

Campaign Record

The Campaign History will continue to be updated with details from each session.

Currently the active party is hunting vampires in the long lost Bloodstone Mines near Barony Tranth in the Orocani Mountains.

Peoples of the Free Imperia

Alphabetical List of Entities with Links

The people of the Free Imperia are a varied lot, but fortunately there are Elves. Elves are important, they'll tell you so themselves. Consisting of evacuees of Harn and Krynn, along with natives of Arda and individuals of diverse origin, indluding Oerth and Toril, they now band together to make a stand against gathering apocalyptic darkness.


Harnic Elves

Krynnic Elves

Other Elves


There are a number of dwarves (primarily though not exclusively from Harn, Krynn, and Faerun) with the The Free Imperia, with a Council of Three Kings:

The three kings rule in concert over a nominally unified Dwarven nation, under the Emperor.

There are also dwarves from Faerun, notably the band of Smash, Thane of Argentum Capita.

They are initiating contact with native Arda dwarves still living in the Lonely Mountain on Arda, who were recently discovered by the Rainbow Barbarians, and the Dwarves of Orothiar near Barony Tranth.

Their Suburb Capital is Dwarvia, at the Imperial Mines in Micadonia, and their National Capital is Tri-King Fortress, in the Tri-King Mountains of South Eastern Endorë.


Half Elves and High Men

Apart from those who have joined us from elsewhere, the Paurgiliath Peacekeepers are actively spreading a population of well educated half elves and high men.


  • It is rumored that more than one dragon makes it's home amongst the elves of The Free Imperia, not far from the halls of power, but they do not often choose to reveal themselves.

In addition:




Army Lists


Free Imperia Navy

Overall fleet command lies with Flag Admiral Miles Teg.

Command of the Imperial Marines is with Commandant Oronto Ambarónë, Lord Sithagong

Free Imperia Navy

WATC Fleet

WATC fleet command lies with Admiral Keeris Waremonger.

WATC Fleet

FEA Group

Over the first 6 months of WATC activity, the Fleet Expansion Authority Group has put resources together to establish and expand the WATC's and FI Navy's fleets in an organized and expedited manner.

Independent Vessels

Major Institutions





History of Arda


Toril (Forgotten Realms)


Queen Amlaruil Moonflower (The Sad Queen) - Mage(Noble) L20 LE High Elf - Queen of the High Elven Empire

Grand Admiral Lylanna Nuliaque - Ranger/Illusionist(Militant Wizard) L12/12 LG High Elf - “Daughter of the Wolf, Mistress of the Forgotten Hope”, High Admiral of the High Elven Imperial Navy.

Laeroth Runemaster - Mage(Miskatonic Loremaster) L25 LG High Elf - Grand Mage of Evermeet, Imperial Elf Advisor, and Miskatonic Fellow

Karsel'lyn Lylyl-Lytherraias - Cleric(Diplomat) L12 CG Drow - Drow Ambassador to Evermeet.


Probably on Arda

The Nazgûl Death knights created by Sauron.

Lord Soth A particularly puissant death knight from Krynn.

Vampires Too many of them, gathered from all over, older than &^%&*$, immune to foo, and they don't like staying dead. Pricks.

King Og Rephiam the Giant is a Frost Giant King with an undying Century of Frost Giants.

The Cult of Sauron is trying to find the Crucible and Avatar of Sauron, to use the Crucible to return Sauron to his Avatar on Arda.

Probably coming to Arda Soon

Ar Pharazon and the Numenorean Fleet Spell Jamming Black Numenoreans who assaulted Valinor returning for Dagor Dagorath.

Sauron Lieutenant to Melkor / Morgoth who became the Dark Lord of Arda in his own right.

Melkor / Morgoth The original Dark Lord of Arda.

Ungoliant / Lolth The spider goddess from outside who drank the light from the Two Trees of Valinor, later worshipped by the Drow in other spheres.

Elsewhere / Unknown

Takhisis / Tiamat is the evil dragon goddess who took over Krynn after Mica "Wiley" of the Nine banished Chemosh.

Infyrana is an evil Red Dragon that The Party thwarted, who fled Arda with her plane hopping mountain.

Noriem is a Human Fighter working with Evil Wings

The Doctor is a Gnome Thief/Illusionist working with Evil Wings

Abilar Jones is a half-elven assassin working with Evil Wings

Al Kahim is a Stout Halfling Thief working with Evil Wings.

Piper Bereaz is a High Elven mage working with Evil Wings.

Czillilanz' Disa is a Priestess of Lolth working with Evil Wings.

Vasyrr Alear is an Anti-Paladin working with Evil Wings. She is Czillilanz' Disa's bodyguard.

Yosuoke Proudfoot is a Halfling Ninja/Thief working with Evil Wings.

Erin Balidor is Human LG Cavalier working with Evil Wings.

Lady Vengence travels the night on her giant bat, spreading plague with the bolts of her repeating crossbow.

Vitrious Paratus 'The Admiral' - Mage(Militant Wizard) L25 LE Red Dragon

Jarlaxle - F(Blademaster) L17 NE Drow

Quelt' R'yleh, Proxy of Cthulhu - Cthulhu Cultist(Necromancer- Undead Master) L24 CE Ithillid

Evil Wings L20 Ranger, Heartseeker bow, working with High Elven Imperial Navy

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