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Duke Rocha

F(Cav) L14 LG Human

Duke Rocha's character sheet

Duke Rocha's Army list

A human Duke of the Free Kingdom of Harnia, ruler of Duchy Stronghold, in vassalage to King Cormach. Head of one of the Great Houses of the Free Imperia.

Cities and Outposts

Founder of Rochia, his South Valley suburb capital.

Founder of the city of Safehelm on a fortified isthmus between the Great Stronghold Lake and Lake Safehelm.

Founder of the city of Castille in the Mist-Rib Lakes.

Founder of Semboch on the Great Sylvanesti Bay.

Founder of DR#1, fortifications holding the Western neck of Safehelm Isthmus between Lake Safehelm and Great Stronghold Lake.

Founder of DR#2 a strongly castellated promontory on Second Rib in the Mist-Rib Lakes.

Court and Followers

Some of Duke Rocha's primary followers include:

Military Forces

Castle Guard

Athninus Centurions

Tallowood’s Knights

Cromwell’s Chevaliers

  • Vegus Cromwell (Cv5)
  • Sgt Rochelus Marx (Cv5)

George Hillgaurd’s Knights

Eltan Stargaurd’s Knights

  • Eltan Stargaurd (Cv5)

Brentt of Jasperton’s Knights

  • Brentt of Jasperton (Cv4)

Silzer’s Squad

  • Alton Silzer of Palance (Cv5)
  • Milton Minze (Cv1)

Tornbud’s  Knights

  • Criswell Thornbird (Cv5)

Tendle’s Knights

  • Vilgard Tendle (Cv6)
  • Kalgar Martar (Cv2)

Maylers’s Knights

  • Fox Chisden Meyler IV (Cv4)
  • Pius Fizden (F4)
  • Kelzer (Mu4)

Falconbiar’s Knights

  • Lawrene Falconbear (Cv5)
  • Vladimir Khan (Cv1)

Edenburg’s Knights

  • Stanwich Edenburge (Cv3)

Kingdom Pikemen

  • Boris Shell (F3)


  • Azdak Jag (F7)
  • Alb Millerson (F6)
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