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King Cormach

F(Cav) L14 LG Human

King Cormach's character sheet

King Cormach's army list

A human king in the The Free Imperia. Ruler of the Free Kingdom of Harnia, spreading from the Dargonesti Sound through Lochas Drûs.


Founder of Cormachia, his South Valley capital.

Founder of Harnia, his main port on the Dargonesti Sound.

Founder of Haven, on the Western flank of the Tri-King Mountains

Founder of Kesh, his Southern Ocean Port

Court, Vassals, and Followers

Some of King Cormach's important vassals and followers include:

  • Duke Rocha - F(Cav) L14 LG Human - Significant Duke with his own armies
  • Baron Munchausen - F/Th(Swashbuckler) 8/6 CG Human - swashbuckling gentleman of the Court, with his own armies
  • Datal Roal - Ranger(Pugilist) L16 LG Human - Ranger Lord Advisor
  • Kat Tejeomare - MU L12 CG Human - court mage
  • Abar Piliang - Mage(Explorer) L10 NG Human - court mage
  • Kaija Milovina - F(Sharpshooter) L10 LG Human - Captain of Household Troops
  • Rasputin 'Boomer' Karkerov - Bounty Hunter(Sharpshooter) L11 LN Human - personal sharpshooter bodyguard to the King
  • 'Boomer' Ebendingo Boon - Bounty Hunter(Sharpshooter) L10 LN Human - personal sharpshooter bodyguard to the King
  • Myah Red Rital - Druid(Lost Druid) L7 N Human - Court Druid.

Military Forces

Royal Guard

  • Harden Malt (F6)
  • Kensig Malt (F5)

Venusian Hussars

  • V’ladar Mujar (F5)
  • Stalas Zantazag (R6)

Taltars Dragoons

  • Jabar Sarson (F6)
  • Katrina Linlman
  • Pidgeon

1st Azorian Foot

  • Yurie Hander (F6)
  • Zimmer (F5)

Azorian Auxiliaries

  • Bart the Brave (F6)
  • Gunzor Smithson (F2)

Athockian Auxiliaries

  • Jim Davidson (F2)
  • Lorry Tallowood

23rd Nubian Foot

  • Roush (F3)
  • Theous (F1)

10th Archer Group

  • Valon Kleck (R5)
  • Vellhelm Skometch (A4)

Datals Scouts

  • Skon Ramstein
  • Rien Semboch

6th Archer Group

  • Lund Shilrond (R5)
  • Gunther Bogstien

16th Spear

  • Jonas Catsman
  • William Sanderson
  • Raf Balvon
  • Mil Rouch

16th Foot

  • Fritz Helmsguard (F4)
  • Amand Holtz (F2)

17th Foot

  • Adolph Hinzberg (F6)
  • Karl Kroner (F5)
  • Jerin Strongstrom (R3)

4th Pike

  • Amingo Smith (F5)
  • Helmut Cole (F2)

5th Foot

  • Branden Kaly (F6)
  • Kurgis Wel (F3)
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