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Tri-King Mountains

Stretching from IN#21, the Imperial Navy lighthouse at the Southern point of the Tri-King Peninsula to IN#42, the lighthouse guarding the Southern point of the mouth of the Great Silvanesti Bay in the North, the Tri-King Mountains cover much of the Southeastern coast of Endorë (Middle Earth).

Tri-King Fortress, from which they take their name has spawned four well fortified mining outposts to the South. In order from the Southernmost, they are a gold mine at DK#4, a copper mine and large harbor at DK#2, a silver mine at DK#1, and tin and iron mines at DK#3. Collectively, this Southern projection of the range into the Southern Ocean is known as the Tri-King Peninsula, partially fronted on the West by the Firth of Durin. Many of the Hill Dwarves here farm the hilly plains of Brōd and Wōl.

Further North the backwaters of Grand Monaco Bay snuggle scenicly against the Eastern foothills of the Tri-King range.

Still further North, on the Western flank of the Tri-King Mountains, King Cormach's city of Haven nestles between the forks of the headwaters of the Safehelm River, with a Skylock over the mountains to the headwaters of the Monaco River in Barony Munchausen, at one Eastern end of the Great Inland Waterway Initiative.

At their final Northern terminus, the Free Imperia Navy fortified lighthouse of IN#42 guards Breakshell Bank, the Southern point of Great Sylvanesti Bay near Duchy Stronghold's port city Semboch.

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