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Free Imperia Navy


Primary construction and repair facilities are at The Great Shipyard in Micadonia. The Free Imperia Naval Armory is groaning with supplies from the Giff and Wa Contracts, and from Duchy Eltán's Field Engineering Corps magical manufacture of elegant, often advanced, artillery pieces.

The Fleet Expansion Authority, or FEA Group, working with WATC resources, have produced the core of an emergency navy around the rich scattering of powerful ships that the Free Imperia began with.

This includes Heavy Warhawks (100 Ton variants of the ECN style, instructed by Captain Tatharandar Windsong), Heavy Hammerships, and possibly experiments in other Starfly Plant Elven hull styles - we have Man-O-Wars and Arrowings to try to copy, and rapid controlled growth of exotic plants is becoming a staple of Free Imperia mage-tech. We could use unhelmed fighter swarms and outsized capital ships, both of which are known uses for Starfly. Possibly it can work in parallel with the Commonwealth of Triagral's airships to provide tenders and ship's boats for our fleet - another role we are very light in.

Naval weapons are stored nearby at the Free Imperia Naval Armory.

Much of the funding for Naval expansion comes from the Hammerships built for the WATC Merchant Navy, which also reinforces the FIN wherever needed.

Admiral Miles Teg has been promoted from Captain Tactician to Flag Admiral of the Free Imperia Navy.

Admiral (retired) Blade was the Flag Admiral of the Free Imperia Navy, and now serves in an Emeritus position alongside his duties as Imperial Mentat and Strategian. He commands the 45 Ton Squidship FIS Interceptor.

Commodore Jack Harkness is a Commodore of the Free Imperia Navy.

Captain Harlock is an Imperial Spelljamming Captain.

Captain Sterling is an Imperial Spelljamming Captain. He Commands the 30 Ton Tradesman Q-Ship FIS Elizabeth.

  • Ling Wu is Captain Sterling's Ship Mage.

Captain Elisabeth is an Imperial Spelljamming Captain. She commands the 32 Ton Corvette FIS Lady Justice.

Captain Tatharandar Windsong is an Ambassador from the Elven Confederate Navy (ECN), acting as a naval consultant.

Aritrus (Maritus Shulot) is a Spelljamming Wizard.

Captain William Laurence and his Imperial Dragon Téméraire - Lung Tien Xiang may be Captains Tactician of the Free Imperia Navy.

Marines Personnel

Commandant Oronto Ambarónë, Lord Sithagong

Commandant's Aide, Bodyguard, Chaplain and Grandson Aian Ambarónë

Ship Plans

Great Ship Superbalas

The Great Ship Superbalas is an enormous Dragon Carrier, with three Great Bombards, one facing forward and two rear facing. At great expense it has been armored in Nak Metal. It is a unique construction.

FIS Paladine, Great Ship Superbalas

Whale Ship

The Free Imperia's Whale Ship has levels converted to luxury lodging and casino games.

At one time it also experimented with a cavalry deployment role.

Man O War

FIS Venturion, the Man-O-War, which is not in the Great Shipyard is hidden away. Supposedly, it is an High Elven Imperial Navy experimental model with new stealth technology. It was rescued by the Free Imperia Navy and is being repaired and tested for safety.

No-one is cleared to know its location.


The Warhawk is an Elven Confederate Navy (ECN) design, hybridizing Elven Grown materials with Vodoni design elements for better handling. Captain Tatharandar Windsong has his Warhawk 'Blue Orian' on Arda and is teaching us about growing custom hulls.

Heavy Hammership

Designed by Crom Thorson, Count Volsung,these have metal hulls, weigh in at 62 Tons, and pack an extra punch.


The Hammership is an affordable workhorse for the Free Imperia Navy and the West Arda Trading Company.

Great Bombard

The Free Imperia Navy has had a Giff contract for ten Great Bombard ships to be delivered with crews every five years for twenty years.

Despite their awesome power, a Great Bombard ship looks practically innocent afloat.

Neogi Mind Spider



There are currently two Arrowings in Free Imperia service.



Speculative Ship Plans

Hammership Q-Ship Configuration

These monsters are 100 tons, but built to look like a hammership. They have a metal hull, weapons base loadout is 10 dual medium ballista, 5 dual heavy ballista and 4 dual trebuchets, plus the Magic Missile amplifier built into the hummingbird (Crystal Spheres). And a custom feature, both helms (primary and backup) are installed in thick walled 'vaults'. It doesn't carry much cargo, but it does carry elite Giff gunners and a healthy complement of Air Operations specialists and Imperial Marines. Anyone thinking they are ambushing a merchant ship is in for a bad surprise.

The proposed variant specifies that some of the Hammer-Q Ships are armored with Nak, and may mount Bombards.

Battle Dolphin

Dolphin ships aren't in production, but have been investigated for the double hull covert trading potential.

ECN War Dolphin

Plans for the Elven Confederate Navy (ECN)'s Battle Dolphin were shared by Captain Tatharandar Windsong, but there is no anticipated production of these hulls.

Elven Confederate Navy (ECN) War Dolphin

ECN War Dolphin Writeup on

Swan Ship

We aren't actually building Swan Ships in any numbers, but some of us are elves. It's in our blood; we think about it. Keeping a couple in the yard and fooling around with them is good for morale.

Full sized Swan Ship Plans

Little Swan Ships

Pyramid Ships

We haven't actually made one, but we have Pyramid design experts (Nithian Templars) - could we make 'Jammers that produce Pyramid Power?

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