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West Arda Trading Company

Charter and initial projections

Trading post agenda

The WATC leverages our in sphere monopoly on Spell Jammer capacity to dominate trade on Arda. It uses this to fund the construction of a merchant navy to increase The Free Imperia's fleet strength, making increased numbers of hulls exponentially profitable rather than a drain on the Imperial treasury. Its trading advantage is furthered by the Signal Company network, so that it can receive market data from anywhere within hours and ship via Spell Jammer in the same day. In a world doing business by cart and sailing ship, the WATC owns as much of the merchant trade as it cares to supply, and uses the profits to build more hulls and helms.

It also occupies itself with good works, such as charitable healings, to spread the good reputation of The Free Imperia. Its trading posts will be a great expansion of Imperial diplomacy with other nations on Arda. While doing so it coordinates with the Imperial Dispatch to provide intelligence services, as well as more options for shipping and communication. Its security is provided by a mix of forces from the Paurgiliath Peacekeepers and Imperial forces.

As with the Imperial annexation of Barony Tranth, the WATC builds diplomatic bridges with other Arda nations, and encourages closer relationships for better pricing and service availability. In combination with the Paurgiliath Peacekeepers, they seed desired areas by providing gifts and volunteer services to the poor and virtuous residents in an area, focusing on improving the underdog's productivity in ways that make selling the same toolings and services to the wealthy easy. This practice is synergistic with intelligence gathering and networking.

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