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Paurgiliath Peacekeepers

”Protect the helpless, educate the children, uphold the light”

Official Paurgiliath Peacekeepers Charter

The Paurgiliath Peacekeepers are an orphanage and school, with an attached industry in hospitality, alcohol production, and supply manufacturing, all of which support and feed into peacekeeping/military contracting units under Thalion Paurgiliath Arch Duke of Eltán.


Paurgiliath Peacekeepers Outpost PK#1

Northwestern screening fort for Nexus Prime

Paurgiliath Peacekeepers Outpost PK#2

Near Western screening fort for Nexus Prime

Paurgiliath Peacekeepers Outpost PK#3

Southwestern screening coastal fort for Nexus Prime on Exiles' Craw, salt panning.

Paurgiliath Peacekeepers Outpost PK#4

Harbor mouth Fort for Cîwharnith

Paurgiliath Peacekeepers Outpost PK#5

North Island Fort for Cîwharnith - dinosaur breeding program, 1st Cîwharnith Cohort

Paurgiliath Peacekeepers Outpost PK#6

Southern screening Fort for Sîrnan, Skylock in Great Inland Waterway.

Paurgiliath Peacekeepers Outpost PK#7

Northwestern screening Fort for Sîrnan, Great Inland Waterway Initiative, Numenorean ruins and a historical puzzle

Active Contracts

The Peacekeepers have a standing contract with the Imperial Dispatch, hunting down anyone who interferes with the mails, and turning them over to the Postmen.

The Peacekeepers supply some of the security for the West Arda Trading Company, on a long term contract basis. They also use this contract to spread their infrastructure and recruitment. Deploying anything from a squad up to a few centuries to a target area, engaging in volunteer labor and improvements for the virtuous poor is a standard operation. It has steadily resulted in new areas with profitable contract work, new branch orphanages and inns, closer relationships between the locals and the Free Imperia, recruitment, and good sources and networks of intelligence.

Peacekeepers are usually contracted for some of the security of Thalion Paurgiliath Arch Duke of Eltán's outposts, settlements, and cities.

The Peacekeepers are being hired by the Church of Eru Ilùvatar to root out the Cult of Sauron and to find the Crucible and Avatar of Sauron before the Cult does.

The Paurgiliath Peacekeepers provide primary security for the Rendezvous Bazaar in Nexus Prime / Micadonia.



1st (Eltán’s Own)

4th (Naval Legion)(Swabbies)

7th  (Dragons)

9th (Badgers)

10th (Rangers)

Home Legion

Support Legion

Loose Cohorts and Centuries, and Apprentice Centuries

Hoping to be formed into active legions, often serving on attached duty as training, many drives to form viable units are occurring with the 20 year population boom since the last apocalypse. The most developed as a potential combined legion are the cohorts of beast riders being formed, primarily with stock from Mûmakan and the Southern Archipelago.

Loose Cohorts

Each legion is made of ten cohorts.

Each cohort is made of six centuries.

Because Eltán likes the decimal system, but also believes in attrition, centuries are technically 100 people, but generally maintain 80% strength, with a choice of apprentice centuries in training. Before deploying to a hot zone, a century raises the best trainees till it is full strength; or a cohort combines depleted centuries and raises apprentice centuries, or a legion raises an entire cohort. Adding in attached elements, it becomes as confusing as any other military organizational system.

Thus a legion technically contains six thousand, but generally contains more on the order of five thousand with whatever auxiliaries and attachments added on to that number. Breeding centuries are a grand example; there is no pretense made at maintaining a fixed number. Large numbers of the Rainbow Barbarians with no official status have primary roles in diversifying the breeding and acquisition of native beasts. Some of them do have more or less honorary rank in combat elements because it pleases them and they're doing great work, but not necessarily the important ones, and some of their youngsters sign up as perfectly ordinary members of the legions for the thrill of working or charging in a mass of beasts they helped train.

1st Rhóvanost Training Cohort

The First Cohort is primarily elite training personnel in the various beast rider specialties. Composed primarily of the still-young riders who have been doing it for the longest on Arda, it has intermingled adults who were already beast trainers on Harn, Krynn, and other worlds, and a few of the very best enthusiastic locals, recruited through association, mutual respect, and better standards of living.

1st Rhóvanost Mounted Century

A combined experimental unit that led the research into huge domesticatable fauna in Mûmakan. Split about evenly between sections of heavy cavalry paladins on rhinoceri, river warden rangers on hippopotami, and elephant friends. Elephants are trained for the option to carry armored archer platforms, but this century is almost entirely beast-bonded, either through animal friendship or Paladins bonding mounts. Many of the officers maintain a breeding pair, which will both participate in maneuvers, with or without other riders. The First Rhóvanost spends a lot of effort training other Centuries, and is mostly elite personnel. Because they are all riders, they have attached the cream of the stabling, veterinary, and harness personnel putting them considerably over strength.

2nd Rhóvanost Breeding Century

As with the Home and Support Legions, here the definition of a Century is a little abstract. There is a well organized core breeding program, learning about caring for animals in difficult environments and circumstances, improving saddle girths and harness for different species, optimizing lines by taming wild beasts, etc. In addition to the core personnel, there are a lot of group efforts breeding particular lines that work closely with the Breeding Century, and a great many hangers on, kibitzers, and personal projects. They work with the 2nd Cîwharnith Mounted Century to establish the mainland dinosaur breeding program under strict controls.

3rd Rhóvanost Mobile Platform Century

Particularly involved in training the rest of the legions to shoot from swaying platforms on elephants or dinosaurs, these are all artists with their chosen weapon from any mount, from a swaying tree or ship's mast, or with the changing gravity planes of SpellJammer environments. The centuries they train have been known to lose their very best to the 3rd.

2nd Cîwharnith Mounted Century

The 2nd Cîwharnith was the first of the Centuries exported from the archipelago for mainland duty, and has been instrumental in training dinosaur units on the mainland. A mix of fast Struthiomimus and Teratosaurus scouting units, Ceratosaur and Gorgosaur Heavy Cavalry, and a few squads of Allosaurs and T.Rex, trained to carry extra archers along with the primary riders, they are the cutting edge of massed dinosaur applied field tactics as practiced in the Free Imperia.

2nd Rhóvanost River Warden Cohort

4th Rhóvanost River Warden Century

Despite a moderate casualty rate, the 4th is generally near full strength. Almost entirely composed of Hippo Rider Rangers, it generally operates in small units keeping the peace throughout the navigable rivers of the Southern jungles and savannas. About a tenth of its strength are support personnel: veterinarians, harness makers,foddermasters, and the like.

1st Cîwharnith Cohort

The 1st Cîwharnith has the unenviable duty of keeping the Southern Archipelago safe. The Eastern Islands stretch a thousand miles beyond the last island rich enough to supply a colony, and nests of pirates are always building and hard to interdict till they reach some density. Fortunately, the pirates are eccentric heirs to the Southern Continent traditions of dinosaur training. The wild dinosaurs that dot the islands would be harder to destroy than the pirates, and they seem to get bigger as the Islands get smaller. Strange machinery which, while broken, stays warm dots the Eastern end of the Archipelago, in caves and on the surface, and it is possible that the giant size of Eastern dinosaurs has some relationship to it.

The 1st Cîwharnith, through fighting the pirates, has participated in an extensive marine and amphibious dinosaur training and tactics exercise. They have isolated valuable lines, and are refining training procedures and harness. The ability of Clerics, Druids, Rangers, and Paladins to bond with beasts has been tremendously useful. The Cîwharnith program is beginning to export full centuries of terrestrial dinosaur riders to the mainland, particularly for use in the Southern Savannas. Marine and Amphibious units carry multiple primitive air bladders on their saddle to extend underwater duration for the riders.

1st Cîwharnith Breeding Century

3rd Cîwharnith Aquatic Century

4th Cîwharnith Amphibious Century

5th Cîwharnith Pteradon Century

6th Cîwharnith Aquatic Century

8th Cîwharnith Mounted Century

Loose Centuries

There are a number of loose centuries that haven't been added into cohorts, for reasons varying from special projects to inexperience.

Apprentice Centuries

As students in the Paurgiliath Academy approach graduation, those who are serious about joining the legions organize into apprentice centuries to build unit cohesion and get valuable experience. They are usually attached to experienced units on light duty, and rotated through different postings and training cycles to round them out before promotion to regular duties.

Peacekeepers History

The Paurgiliath Peacekeepers were a family tradition in the Duchy Eltán, expanded by Thalion when he succeeded his father. They are a military contractor, primarily serving the Free Imperia, currently as intelligence gatherers and security for the WATC. They also take jobs in bandit and monster removal to spread the culture and appreciation of the Free Imperia. To that end they insist on honorable treatment of non-combatants, and police their own ranks with appalling sincerity.

There are five surviving combat legions from a peak of ten, but all five are near full strength, and despite ongoing casualties, the reserve centuries waiting for a place have grown to where new Legions will be raised soon for service in the settlements and Outposts. They pride themselves in being first in and last out, and protecting the innocents wherever they serve.

On a much larger scale, the Peacekeepers are an orphanage and school system, run by the Home Legion. All children who graduate from the school and serve in one of the Legions for ten years are adopted into the Paurgiliath family. The school is high enough quality that some foreign officials send their children to be educated. One major task of the Home Legion is keeping records (and keeping track) of all the branches of the Paurgiliath family, as well as other former students who often reach high position in their own nations and remember the school fondly. All of Thalion's descendants attend the school if it can be arranged.

There is also a Support Legion, which runs various businesses including meaderies, wineries, breweries, taverns, inns, and supply manufacture for the combat legions. The Support Legion includes excellent armorers and weapon smiths.

The Support Legion makes Huon's Hefeweizen, distributes it to the Legions, and serves it in their establishments. Without Huon watching over Beren and Luthien, and protecting them ultimately with his own life, there would have been no half elves or high men. This service is the very essence of the Peacekeepers code. Huon is a favorite patron of Legion Clerics and footsoldiers alike. It is a common observance in the Legions, especially before battle, to pour a small bowl of beer or water for the Goodest of Dogs with thanks. A great many legionaries keep hounds of their own, so this gesture is both reverential and practical.

The Support and Home Legions provide a wide diversity of jobs for non military types who want to remain part of the organization and family, as well as for Veterans of the Legions too injured to return to active duty.

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