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Districts of Nexus Prime and Micadonia

Sister City to Nexus Prime, divided along the Great Gate Road, together they are the Capital of The Free Imperia.


Micadonia, sister city to Nexus Prime

  • Colossal statue of Mica "Wiley" of the Nine
    • On the West Bank by the Great Gate Road
  • An advanced sewer system and water supply made of Mica "Wiley" of the Nine's new plastic was installed underground before all construction in the valley of Nexus Prime and Micadonia. Simple versions of in-residence plumbing are gradually coming into use as well. As a result, the filth of the big city is much less appalling than might be expected.
  • Great Order Magika Complex
    • Castle
    • Towers
    • Attached Library
    • Attached College
      • Portal room for Masters only
      • Secure storage for Alchemical Reagents
      • Laboratories
      • Workshops
    • College Town
    • Druidic Enclave
      • Great Circle
      • Park
      • Gardens
    • Bards School
      • Amphitheater

Tokugawa Dominion

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