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Three Kings of the Dwarves


Dwarves of the Free Imperia are predominantly from Harn, Krynn, and Toril in Realmspace. Dwarves from other origins abound, but they are ruled over by a triad of Kings (and a Queen Mother), one from each of those spheres.

The three Kings of the Dwarves of the Free Imperia are

They are initiating contact with native dwarves still living in the Lonely Mountain who were recently discovered by the Rainbow Barbarians, and in Orothiar near Barony Tranth.

Cities and Outposts

Founders of Dwarvia the suburb capital in Micadonia with the Imperial gold and silver mines.

Founders of Tri-King Fortress, their great capital delving in the Tri-King Mountains.

Founders of Middle Town, a prosperous silver mining port city on the Western shore of the Dargonesti Sound.

Founders of Iron Fist, the great armory city in the Yellow Mountains.

Founders of Citadel City in the Yellow Mountains

Nominal rulers of Argentum Capita, in the Red Mountains, through founder Thane Smash

Outposts at:

Some of their best retainers include:


  • Prince Burn (F6)
  • Queen Mother Glovin (Mu12)
  • Gildem Rc’Gillem (Steward F12)
  • Gimmel Rc'Artur - F(Diplomat) L13 LG Harnic Dwarf - Advisor to the Kings
  • Lorrin Firfist - Bard(Skald) L10 N Krynnic Hill Dwarf - Court Bard
  • Red Beard - Scribe(Academician) L10 NG Hill Dwarf - Sage / Scribe
  • Old Crunch - Scribe(academician) L5 LG Hill Dwarf - Court Scribe
  • Mel Rc’Fill (Scribe)
  • Tlahal Kingmaker - Mage(Militant Wizard)L10 LG Krynnic Hill Dwarf - Court Wizard (Krynnic Dwarf)
  • Tolkau - Mage L3 NG Harnic Dwarf - Harnic Dwarven Mage
  • Phillip 'Pek' Tishel - Mage L10 NG Human - Human Mage
  • Wardsman Throm Shieldarm (Alc3)


General Ratal Shadowstone - F(Militarist) L12 LG Krynnic Mountain Dwarf

Royal Guard

Thane Smash's Assault Cadre

  • Thane Smash F(Dwarven Battlerager) L16 CN Toril Dwarf
    • 4 fighters of 6 to 11th level
    • 12th level Dwarven cleric of Gorm Gulthyn
    • 5 5th level Dwarven rifleman with a 10th level leader
    • 13/12 elf fighter magic user with the bladesinger kit

Drada's Hammer

Druin's Crushers 'The Iron Company'

Harnic Axe Dwarf

Harnic Dwarf Militia

Mengan's Hammerfist

  • Mengan - F(Outlaw Fighter) L8 NG Harnic Dwarf - Commander, Mengan's Hammerfist
    • Lars 'Crossbow' (F8) - Lars' Crossbow Squad
    • Lars 'Ax-iliary' (F2) - Lars' Auxiliary
    • Binglar - F(Militarist) L5 LG Harnic Dwarf - Sapper Commander, Binglar's Squad, Mengan's Hammerfist

Freehand's Royal Engineers

  • General Fireforge "The Sage" - Blacksmith(Troubleshooter) LG L8 Hill Dwarf - Commander, Freehand's Royal Engineers
    • Captain Fireforge (F5) - Freehand's Royal Engineers

Fireforge Tunnelers

  • Commander Fireforge (F11)

Harnic City Engineers

Freehands Axe-Dwarf

Kels Dragon Slayers

Glovins Mine Trappers

Milguards Excavation & Rescue

RorJters City Guard

Baron Kilshins Stormtroopers


  • Duke Vagan Steelfist - F(Noble Warrior) L8 LG Harnic Dwarf
  • Jik Rc'Aag - F(Rapid Response Rider) L12 LG Hill Dwarf
  • Lieutenant Stonechurn - Cleric L3 NG Krynnic Hill Dwarf
  • Lord Baron Darnel Ironbreaker - F(Animal Master) L13 CG Hill Dwarf
    • Sculd - Bard L12 NG Harnic Dwarf
  • Dek Rc’Cillum (Mu7)
  • Vicker Rc’Rillem (C11)
  • Trillam D’ Enmur (Drow R3)
  • Powerhammer (F10)
  • Magdarrin Mintsilver (Cl14) Ilúvatar
  • Machau (Sculd 2)
  • Count Firo Forge Binder
  • Commander Loggi Heminder
  • Kel (F7)
  • Commander Nog (F6)
  • Filjnor (Cl10)
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