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Tri-King Fortress

Tri-King Fortress - Map: O25

3 copper ore veins, 3 lead ore veins, 1 tin ore vein, 3 iron ore veins

Tri-King Fortress serves as the political capital for Krynnic and Harnic Dwarves on Arda. Built by the Three Kings of the Dwarves into the Tri-King Mountains at the headwaters of what may be Arda's largest tidal bore, the Firth of Durin, it experiences daily tides of more than fifty feet. The tidal current alone can carry shipping from one end to the other in a single tide cycle.

Being the center of unified Dwarven culture, there is a large temple district, with temples of

In addition to exceptional foundries and machine shops, Tri-King Fortress is famous for its inlay work and jewelry. The dwarves harvest ebony from the surrounding hills, along with other exotic hardwoods. Their outposts nearby supply a variety of metals, including some gold, and the surrounding mountains are far from completely explored.

There are a variety of underground fungi farms, supplementing fishing and herds, as well as producing a fermented mushroom liquor which most non-dwarves find disgusting. The hill dwarves also do some surface farming, primarily sugar cane, fruits, and exotic herbs.

There is also considerable trade with Barony Munchausen's Grand Monaco Bay settlements.

They have spawned four well fortified mining outposts to the South, along the Tri-King Peninsula. In order from the Southernmost, they are a gold mine at DK#4, a copper mine and large harbor at DK#2, a silver mine at DK#1, and tin and iron mines at DK#3.

The Three Kings are engaged in diplomacy with the Arda Dwarves of the Lonely Mountain, as well as the Dwarves of Orothiar near Barony Tranth, and hope to formally exchange embassies.

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