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Barony Tranth

A main pass through the Ered Ormal range from Khand at the Eastern edge of the Harad desert to the Chey Plateau in Southwestern Palisor. Mostly a local trade route, with a Capital town, a village, an autonomous enclave of Dwarves, and a long closed bloodstone mine full of trouble.


Map: K17

Capital town, 4500-5000 population including area farmers

  • Baron Tranth
  • Lady Christine, Daughter, presumptive heir
  • Large church of Bahamut - burnt down by Aragithalas Sercenornorow Kanan
    • Aldric, head cleric - became a vampire, apparently as part of an action by a Goat Cleric cult of Orcus
    • Many new converts - don't seem to have been turned, church closed when he turned
  • Town has spread over old wall
  • Class C trading post, WATC
    • Protection from evil focus 140'r raised by Madrigan Mintsilver
  • 4 simple tree-with platform forts and a fortified stable
    • 6 centuries of Paurgiliath Peacekeepers - 2 of Badgers, 2 of Rangers, 2 of Dragons
      • Entered over last 6 months in small bands of volunteer laborers, building goodwill
      • Now coordinating defense of Belfaux and distributing food and healing
    • Equipped with special new anti vamp/werewolf kits
    • Distributing food and holy garlic/wolfsbane oil soaked skewers
    • Encouraging civilians to stay in groups or overnight at the trading post


Map: K16

Village, 1500 area population


Map: K17

Autonomous Hill Dwarven enclave, about 40 miles North of Belfaux, on a fork off the old mine trail.

  • 500+, used to be 3x as many in mine
  • Friendly, isolated shepherds
  • Tokan - Chieftain
  • Gaelin - Guard Commander
  • Glorlo - Chief Cleric
    • Eru
    • Different names/practices
    • Says everything in chant
  • Used to live in bloodstone mine
    • 3 entrances, all in sight of eachother
    • Too big to explore in 1 day
  • Worked with deep gnomes
    • lost contact
  • Dug too deep, quicksilver seeped in
    • Formed lake
    • Brought evil presence, drove some mad with fear
    • Dark dwarves tunneled in from other mines
      • Worked quicksilver
      • Drove out the Orothiar
    • Goat clerics
    • Increased warg presence last few months
    • Greatly increased last week or so

Old Bloodstone Mine - Map: K17

Old Bloodstone Mine Entrance Level

Old Bloodstone Mine First Level Down

Old Bloodstone Mine Second Level Down

The old mine is about 15 miles North of Orothiar.

Beneath the second level a miles-long staircase tunnel connects to the Deep Earth, in the great cavern of the Svirfneblin, occupied by Dueregar and their Temple of Orcus. Before the coming of the Free Imperia, the Svirfneblin Deep Gnomes under their King Ruggedo had been driven back to cavern 23.

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