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Smash, Thane of Argentum Capita

Freeholding Dwarf Thane Berserker

Honorary Gunnery Sergeant of Giff Empire

F(Dwarven Battlerager) L16 CN Toril Dwarf

Originally from Faerun, born into a clan of stonemasons in the coastal Iron Hills region.

Smash is a member of the The Party.

Nominally under the Three Kings of the Dwarves.

Founder of Argentum Capita, at the headwaters of the Silver River, in the Red Mountains near the Gulf of the Firstborn, anchoring the Northern end of the Great Inland Waterway Initiative for the Imperial Timber Operation.

  • Mines yield:
    • Silver, with a 1 in 10 chance that a new vein of silver could be mithril (checked once every 10 years of the settlement age)
    • Iron

Personal Assault cadre:

  • 4 fighters of 6 to 11th level
  • 12th level Dwarven cleric of Gorm Gulthyn
  • 5 5th level Dwarven rifleman with a 10th level leader
  • 13/12 elf fighter magic user with the bladesinger kit

Baron Field Marshal Goenhog, the Giff Ambassador, spends time here, testing new rifle improvements.

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