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Nexus Prime

Districts of Nexus Prime and Micadonia

Nexus Prime, sister city to Micadonia, divided along the Great Gate Road, together they are the Capital of The Free Imperia.

Sister Cities

Nexus Prime

  • Great Pyramid with Portals
  • Colossal statue of Aragithalas Sercenornorow Kanan
    • On the West Bank by the Great Gate Road
  • An advanced sewer system and water supply made of Mica "Wiley" of the Nine's new plastic was installed underground before all construction in the valley of Nexus Prime and Micadonia. Simple versions of in-residence plumbing are gradually coming into use as well. As a result, the filth of the big city is much less appalling than might be expected.
  • Temple District - greenspace just to the south of the Great Imperial Pyramid along the lake shore.
  • Imperial Park - Greenspace just to the North of the Great Pyramid along the Lakeshore
    • Colosseum
    • Circus Maximus
  • Imperial District
    • The first several rings of the main city are largely given over to Imperial Structures
      • Imperial Palace
      • Imperial Citadel and Barracks Complex - Slightly to the West of the City Center
        • Imperial Parade Grounds
        • Imperial Military Academy
        • Imperial Stable Complex
        • Imperial Armory
          • The Citadel Armory is primarily focused on personal weapons and equipment as well as land-based transport and artillery. Larger pieces are sent to the Free Imperia Naval Armory by the Great Shipyard.
          • Armorers School
          • Smithy Complex
      • Imperial Alchemy Tower
        • Clear ground around it in case of accidents
        • Secure Alchemical Component storage
        • Laboratories
        • Workshops
      • Imperial Brewery
        • Imperial Beer
      • Imperial Distillery
        • Firebird Whiskey
      • Imperial Archives - built in a stepped pyramid
      • Imperial Library - the largest Library not focused on magic in the Free Imperia
      • Imperial Dispatch HQ
      • Guild Buildings
      • Imperial Warehouse
        • Largely storage for Imperial Bureaucracies that need things kept downtown - more Imperial Warehouses stand by The Great Shipyard.
    • Whoville
    • Farmington
      • Granary
      • Furniture making community
    • Brewerton
      • Brewery
        • Gnome Forest Ale
        • Old Bear Stout
      • Recreational Hotel
      • Gnome & Halfling Brothel
    • Airship City
    • The Maze Forest, guarded by Rodents of Unusual Size, quickly disorients any outsiders who try to get through the enchanted mountain pass to or from the hidden meadow that has become the:
  • Shinto Temple - North of the main settlement of the Tokugawa Dominion, the shrines are nestled on the foot of the mountain.
    • Tōshōgū shrine
    • Hengayoki Memorial
    • Monastery
      • Plum orchard
      • Terraced rice paddies
      • Sake brewery
        • Fox Spirit Sake
        • Mountain Plum Wine


Year 1:

Progress on Year 20 AR Map Update, commissioned by Archduke Eltán:

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