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Baroness Faith De Vengence

Co-Founder of the Officio Imperial Assassinorum.

Baroness De Vengence is an Imperial Appointee

Assassin(Acrobat) L16 NG Human

Baroness Faith De Vengence - character sheet

Character History

Faith de Vengeance was born to nobility on Harn.  She was the only daughter of the Baron of swords in the northern reaches.  Being an only child she was given the best her parents could afford and her castle home also being a Moncorvo fighting school she started her weapons training early.


As a noble she was educated and cultured, however during the beginning the god wars of Harn both her parents whom were heavy supporters of the traditional ways of magic were assassinated.  This left her devastated… but she escaped to exile as her lands were devastated for the natural resources. She was old enough to understand the worth of money and she knew where her family kept their wealth.  She swore that she would exact revenge on those who would do such a despicable deed.  During the years that the Baroness de facto was exiled in Harn, she used her wealth and whiles to infiltrate the thieves guild of the free city of haven. Faith de Vengeance was quick study and pickings around the time of the gods war. Faith was able to connect with a master assassin and was taken under his wing to learn the trade. She was trained in stealth and assassination techniques and became arguably the most powerful assassin of her age. Raised with a strict honor code, she was oft torn between her honor and her master. She came to learn that it was her very own master who planned the assassination of her family Faith renounced her assassin and swore vengeance. Using her training she quickly and quietly dispatched of her 'master' and simply walked away.


She took on the last name of Vengeance and was well in the know of politics of Harn and attached herself stealthily to the refugees leaving Harn for a new world based in magic and honor.  It was then she met the new Emperor that seemed to know immediately about her training.  Aragorn was a strangely kind and understanding elf that had heard of her family's sword school.  He immediately started calling her Baroness and actually gave her noble status in Arda.  She decided to use her skills to help the Free Imperia and with Mica of the nine fingers blessing she worked with his ninja body guards to set up security within Nexus Prime and Micadonia.  She shared her knowledge with them and them with her.  With Mica's direction they are quietly founding the Officio Imperial Assassinorum which is to keep watch over the shadow world that Mica knows will arise with the civilization.  She genuinely likes Aragorn and his wife and is often in court; however she has a bent for adventure and action as well.  She has thought about taking students but has not decided how to teach honor into a trade easily warped for evil. But feels obligated to protect the innocent with the skills she has learned. Her best friend is Mica's ninja body guard Miho.


Faith is extremely attractive and uses it to help her when she needs it; however she is adept at changing her look if she needs too.  She knows politics is a dangerous game but not all dangers are found on the battlefield. She is smart and beautiful and knows how to lie to get what she need.  There are bards who wish they could perform as well.   Faith is a strange mix of sword woman, acrobat, and assassin.  She specializes rooting out evil at its source and removing 'obstacles' with discretion. She will not hire herself out to the highest bidder but follows her own code on what to do and when.  She is not a member of any local assassins' guild, but a founding controller of the Officio Imperial Assassinorum.  Any 'assassin' discovered in the area will be invited to join, thus coming under the authority and command of the “Guild master” or 'Assassinorum' leader.  The character need not join, but will be under penalty of death if he performs an assassination which has not been 'approved' at the highest levels. The one thing she fears is the legend of the Master of Assassins, whom would surely press her for her actions.


Moncorvo School

    The Moncorvo fighting school is a favorite of swashbucklers all over the Savage Coast. This school originated in Vilaverde and still has its headquarters there. To be a member of this school, a PC must have either the tumbling proficiency or a Dexterity of 13. This school also favors the use of a buckler.


Moncorvo Secret Passes

Basic Passes (1d4)

1. Hidalgo Death Wish

    This attack inflicts a wound to the opponent's side. Foe suffers an Ac penalty of +2 until the wound is healed. (Effect is cumulative with each pass until the opponent's AC is 10; then the attack inflicts double damage.)


2. Rapier's Harvest

    The swordsman can cut any single non-living object within reach, such as a pouch, rope, candle, belt or any object that can normally be cut by a rapier. This attack inflicts no damage.


3. Baronial Panache

    The swordsman's spectacular skill requires foe to male a successful save vs. paralyzation or flee.


4. Silk and Steel

    This attack let's a swordsman swirl a cloak to confuse his foe and entangle foe's weapon, causing him to automatically miss the next attack.



Difficult Pass (1d6)

1-2. Master Seal

    The swordsman carves a personal mark into the foe's forehead or clothing. Scar requires regeneration to erase.


3-4. Swordsman's Gambit

    The swordsman tumbles under the foe's weapon and adds an extra 1d6 damage on this attack.


5-6. Vilaverdan Slip

    The swordsman skillfully steps around a foe blocking the way (including through a doorway), automatically gaining initiative in the next round and at a +2 bonus on his next attack roll.


Master Strokes (1d4)

1-2. Inigo's Rebuke

    Swordsman creates an opening for 1d3 extra attacks, which he must apply immediately.


3-4. Swashbuckler's Eyebrow

    The swordsman slashes the opponent on the forehead, inflicting maximum damage and blinding foe, who attacks with a -2 penalty for the next two rounds.


Death Move

Moncorvo's Heartbreak

    The swordsman pierces foe through the chest. Opponent can no longer fight and dies within 2d4 rounds if not healed magically (cure serious wounds or better).


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