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Imperial Military, Officeholders, Appointees, and Ambassadors

Imperial Imperial Forces Army List

In service to the Emperor.


Imperial Counselors

  • Billy Runningbear - Shaman(Scout) L14 NG Human - Imperial Steward
  • Miracle Max - Alchemist L22 CG Human - Imperial Alchemist
  • Shaman Al - Shaman(Healer) L36 CN Human- Imperial Healer
  • Ilishi Yatago - Scribe(Medician) L11 NG Human - Imperial Medician
  • Jaques - Sage(Cartographer) L16 N Std. Half Elf - Imperial Cartographer
  • Orion Kyo - Cartographer(Academician) L16 N Half Elf(std.) - Imperial Cartographer
  • Jon Architect - Scribe(Academician) L10 LG Human - Imperial Architect
  • Mark Hammel -Sage(Advisor) L10 CG Human - Imperial Advisor
  • Orion - Sage(Advisor) L16 N Human - Imperial Advisor
  • Brunig the Bard - Bard L12 CN Human - Imperial Bard

Imperial Public Service

Imperial Logistics

Imperial Diplomatic Service

From the Emperor 2/19/24: We used to have an ambassador on Toril…. And we had a manor house in Waterdeep. The free empire owns a Manorhouse and a citadel in Kara-Tur…. Which is where most of our oriental troops came from and we have a chancellor who is doing some trade stuff in the Shou Lung Empire. Jason ‘s character or one of Jason ‘s characters retired to do just that


General Commander

  • Lord General Iemochi Tokugawa - Samurai L17 LG Human - Imperial General
    • Hattori Hanzo - Kensai(Blacksmith) L12 LN Human - Weapons Smith, Tokugawa Household
    • Masamune Okazaki - Samurai(Blacksmith) L12 LG Human - Weapons Smith, Tokugawa Household
    • Greyfeather - Archer(Archer, Elf) L9 CG Harnic High Elf - Sniper / Anti-sniper
    • Rodan Firbolg Warrior(Myrmidon) L11 LN Firbolg - Shield Bearer and Champion

Household Troops

Imperial Guard

Imperial Jedi

Imperial Sardaukar


Imperial Heavy Calvary

Imperial Mounted Samurai

1st Regular Calvary

  • Lieutenant Kim - F(Rider) L3 LG Human - Commander, 1st Regular Cavalry
    • Sgt. Park - F(Rider) L2 N Human - Sergeant, 1st Regular Cavalry

Imperial Horse Archers

  • Commander Lee Won (F9)
    • Lieutenant Yon Yu Moon (F5)
    • Kang Wu (Weapons Master)

Solomonic Griffon Squadron

  • Sir Avery Gimmlin (Cav12)

Baron Red Beard’s Flying Knights

  • Baron Von Maxxin (B12)


Imperial Samurai

Veteran Guard

  • Commander Day Main - F(Mariner) L6 N(G) Human - Commander, Veteran Guard
    • Captain Chezel “Wagon” (F6)

1st Regular Infantry

  • Commander Chu (F5 Crossbow)
    • Lieutenant Rark (F2 Pike)

2nd Regular Infantry

  • Captain Linez

Imperial Loose Dwarf

  • Max (B10)
    • Mual (F7)


Imperial Greatbow

  • Bashi Hagoya - Samurai L7 LG Human - (Imperial Samurai) Commander, Imperial Greatbow
    • Madoc Takeda - Samurai(Kyodo Archer) L15 CG Human - Archer, Imperial Greatbow

Krynnic Archers

  • General Micklellethalisa (F12)
    • Commander Chivlene (F9)
    • Slayer - Ranger(Archer) L17 CN Qualinesti (Krynnic High Elf) - Ranger Lord, Krynnic Archers

Harnic Archers

  • Colonel Irrillor Tanner - F(Archer) L10 NG Harnic High Elf - Commander, Harnic Archers
    • Commander Aralissa Bennser (F9)
    • Nolen Tolidore (MU6)


Imperial Engineers

  • Digger - F(Military Scout) L10 LN Rock Gnome - Scout, Imperial Engineers


Imperial Razors

  • Lord Peron (F8)

5th Dwarven Mercenary

Mural’s Marauders

MacBrocks Berserkers

  • Chieftain Daley MacBrock
    • Angus MacBrock - Barbarian Fighter L7 NG Human - serves in MacBrock's Berserkers
    • Nigel McClerie (see imp sheet)

Andro’s Irregulars

  • Andro

Black Company

Agzor’s Hand


  • Marzipan - Ranger(Scout) L10 NG Human - is an Imperial Ranger Scout
  • Huan Lee - Bushi(Pugilist) L12 NG Human - is an Imperial Drinking Companion
  • Malex the Giant Slayer - Ranger(Giantkiller) L6 NG Human - is the Imperial Giant Slayer
  • Geoff - F(Barbarian) L2 CG Fir Bolg - is an Imperial Giant
  • Saldrin - F(Giant Killer) L1 LE Fir Bolg - considering converting to Good to become an Imperial Giant
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