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Captain Tatharandar Windsong

Captain Tatharandar Windsong is the Ambassador to the The Free Imperia from the Elven Confederate Navy.

Girgle Servig 'Monkey Man Joe' is his butler.

F/M(Buccaneer) L8/12 NG Gray Elf

Captain Tatharandar Windsong's character sheet

He flies a souped up Warhawk named 'The Blue Orian' of ECN design. The Shipyard in Micadonia has been growing Starfly Plants to produce Warhawks under his instruction. He also helps train, and may deploy with, the Free Imperia Navy.

ECN plans and discussion for the Warhawk class Jammer on

Elven Confederate Navy on

Character History

Captain Windsong is of a rare Harnian Grey elf stock.  He served in the Elven Imperial Navy for many years before he was sway to a confederate mindset.  When he could not return home he set up to fight for freedom for all the peoples of the spheres.  He is gentalmenly and fair.  His Ship is called the Blue Orian and is a Warhawk of distinction.  He is knowlegeable and enjoys mingling with Harnian survivors. He is losely confederate as he does not have a homeland anymore… He feels a mild responsibility to help the fledgling empire.

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