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High Elven Imperial Navy

Troubling intelligence intercepted from the HEIN: (CLASSIFIED)

The navy of the primary inter-sphere empire of High Elves, one of the major forces in the Spelljamming wars of the Phlogiston between the spheres.

Some members of the HEIN are honored guests aboard the The Superbalas. The forces of the Free Imperia Navy rescued them and their experimental top of the line new Spelljamming Fighter which had mysterious problems. Crom Thorson, Count Volsung and a Rod of Rulership are rumored to be involved in the rescue. Fortunately we were able to bring the ship and crew safely to Arda pending a convenient chance to return them.

Grand Admiral Lylanna Nuliaque, “Daughter of the Wolf, Mistress of the Forgotten Hope”, is the Grand Admiral of the High Elven Imperial Navy.

The Elven Confederate Navy (ECN) are a splinter group that broke off from the HEIN, who sent Captain Tatharandar Windsong to the The Free Imperia as an Ambassador and naval consultant.

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