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Crom Thorson, Count Volsung

Count, Imperial Marshal, Nithian Sheik, Ranger Lord & Demon Slayer


Crom is an active member of the Party.

Crom can fly at 36“, maneuverability class B.

Crom's Hammer has strange control over the weather.

Crom's hands, which used to be made out of brass after a giant crayfish snipped off his originals, allow him to control electricity.

Crom is a Ranger Lord of the Church of Sif.

Crom is a Founding Board Member of the West Arda Trading Company.

Crom has been through several bodies and received awkward amounts of attention from deities.

Crom Thorson was once known as Bif Riprock, and sometimes as Zaphod or Max Headroom, though no-one remembers this due to divine influence. Long ago, on his last visit to the Hyborean Age of Earth, Red Sonja of Hyrkania cut off his hand.

Crom's most recent Character Sheet on the Google Drive: Crom's character sheet

Sidekicks, Followers, and Known Associates

Rin Osaka - Cleric L7 CN Human - is a Cleric of Sif following Crom. He adopted her as an orphan.

A hall of Rohirrim hail Crom as the Volsung.

Crom is engaged to be married to Ahanna.

Locations and Projects

Monster Island

Rescuing Medusa

Vestrhelm - hall of Rohirrim who hail Crom as the Volsung


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