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Elven Confederate Navy (ECN)

ECN Writeup on

The Elven Confederate Navy split off from the Elven Imperial Navy when commanded to cease pursuit after a hot battle. Beginning as a small squadron of warships based on a backwater planet, they have expanded and designed ships of their own combining Elven and Vodoni technology for better handling.

Captain Tatharandar Windsong and his butler Girgle Servig 'Monkey Man Joe' have com as Ambassadors from the ECN to the The Free Imperia. They are consulting on the expansion of the Micadonia Shipyard to produce a greater volume and variety of hulls with the funding from the West Arda Trading Company.

ECN Ship Plans:

ECN Warhawk Writeup on

Captain Tatharandar Windsong brought his souped up Warhawk 'The Blue Orian' with him to ArdaSpace.

ECN Manta Ray Writeup on

The Manta Ray is the largest ECN Warship, and is always accompanied by Stingray Class Destroyers. The ECN Flagship is a reconfigured Manta Ray.

ECN Sting Ray Writeup on

Stingrays are the backbone of the ECN fleet and are always deployed in pods of 3 ships.

Skates, with Stats as Elven Flitters but weighing 3 tons, are the ECN's Ships' Boat.

ECN War Dolphin Writeup on

War Dolphins are an Elven Ship from when the elves first began exploring the spheres.

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