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Grand Admiral Lylanna Nuliaque

“Daughter of the Wolf, Mistress of the Forgotten Hope”

Grand Admiral Lylanna Nuliaque is the high commander of the High Elven Imperial Navy.

In service to Queen Amlaruil Moonflower (The Sad Queen)

Ranger/Illusionist(Militant Wizard) L12/12 LG High Elf

Grand Admiral Nuliaque's character sheet

Character History

Grand Admiral Lylanna is a middle-aged elf and a career officer. She is a grey elf from the world of Ladethvanna “Forest of Eternal Night,” a small elvish colony in a distant sphere. Lylanna is quite small, even for an elf. She only stands 4' 11“ tall, and weighs a meek 87 lbs. Her silver curls are cut pageboy style, still thick, lustrous, and match her steel gray eyes. Lylanna's face is small and triangular, defined by tiny worry lines about her eyes. Her appearance is deceptive; despite her size, she is extremely imposing and confident. She is very proud and carries herself with an air of dignity and power. Lylanna's father was a Fleet captain, and her older brother was a battle mage aboard the armada “Arrow of Justice.” Even so, Lylanna was reluctant to join. Instead, she joined an adventuring band of elves that roved the world of her birth. For two decades Lylanna and her fellow adventurers explored many forgotten ruins and temples. Eventually, they took to the stars in a stolen neogi spelljammer and continued their adventures for another decade. It was to be their undoing when, while following a rumor to a great treasure, they discovered something. Whatever they encountered, it must have been incredible, for only Lylanna returned. After that adventure, she became very serious and took her new name, Nuliaque. She joined the Fleet and rapidly rose through the ranks, gaining her admiral commission in a mere four decades. Grand Admiral Yelzul, impressed with the young woman's determination, skill, and leadership, appointed her as his successor when he retired a century ago. Despite cries of outrage from some older admirals, Nuliaque had enough support with the Elvish Council and the younger admirals that her promotion was assured. Since that time she has ruled with a fair and even hand, and even her most vocal opponents must concede that she is an excellent leader.

Since taking the position of Grand Admiral, Lylanna has worked to halt the encroachment of other races into traditional elvish territories through trade embargoes, making powerful alliances, and the occasional use of force. Because of her efforts, at least two powerful dwarvish kingdoms have formally allied themselves with the Elvish Nation as have a human nation. Though it cost the Fleet greatly in trade concessions, these allies have proven themselves extremely valuable when the Second Unhuman War broke out. They helped stop the advance of the scro in at least two spheres and did much to turn back an attack in Twilitespace.

Though Lylanna has not been in personal combat in over a century, her experience from hundreds of skirmishes, fights, and battles has not faded. Any opponent would find her a cagey warrior and an expert swordswoman. She wields Ark-Flame, a sentient longsword +4, into battle. Ark-Flame has the abilities of a 12th level Invoker, able to cast spells with a word. Spells cast by Ark-Flame return to it at the rate of 1 per turn per spell level (thus a 3rd level spell takes 3 turns to return after being cast). In addition, Lylanna has numerous magical items at her disposal, including an artifact or two.

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