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Queen Amlaruil Moonflower (The Sad Queen)

Queen of the High Elven Empire

Mage(Noble) L20 LE High Elf

Queen Amlaruil Moonflower (The Sad Queen)'s character sheet


Laeroth Runemaster Grand Mage of Evermeet

Grand Admiral Lylanna Nuliaque Admiral of the High Elven Imperial Navy

Karsel'lyn Lylyl-Lytherraias Drow Ambassador

Character History

Tales of the Sad Queen are told, in much changed form, even as far away as the high court of distant Shou Lung. Many think of Amlaruil and her realm as a myth, but she is very real and, if possible, even more enchantingly beautiful and wise than the tales imply.

The queen stands six feet tall, with long redgold hair, a slender, high-cheekboned face, and piercing blue eyes. She characteristically dresses in the gray clothes of mourning, sometimes with small white flowers in her hair. Over the years, her existence and essence have grown linked to both the island of Evermeet and the deific powers of the Seldarine. In many ways, Amlaruil desires to leave the pain and suffering of Toril for the peace of Arvandor, but realizes that she is needed by her people. Truly, the queen lives half in one world and half in the other.

Queen Amlaruil is viewed with near-religious respect and affection by most elves. She has ruled Evermeet for more than 200 years, but for the past four decades she has had to do so without the support of her beloved husband Zaor, who was slain by an assassin in his own garden. The tragedy was complicated by the departure of her daughter Amnestria, who had loved the human adventurer Bran Skorlsun. Disgraced and saddened by her father's death, Amnestria took the name Z.Beryl. Her daughter, Arilyn, participated in the recent Elfshadow incident. wielding her mother's moonblade. Z.Beryl herself died tragically and never returned to her estranged people. Since the tragic events of that year, Amlaruil's sorrow has been unabated and she rules with a quiet sadness, rarely smiling or laughing, and keeping mostly to herself in the silent hallways of her Moonstone Palace.

Amlaruil is more than 900 years old, quite venerable even for an elf of the Forgotten Realms. Her great longevity, undiminished beauty, high intelligence, and level of  achievement as a wizard are all ascribed to her close relationship with Corellon Larethian and the Seldarine. Many elves claim that Amlaruil walks in the gardens and forests of Arvandor while the land sleeps or during reverie, and here she and Zaor may be together again, if only for a short time each night.

Amlaruil is no idle queen, either. Her network of agents and allies would be the envy of any Faerûn monarch, and the magic of her elfrunes enables selected individuals to freely communicate with, or even travel to, Evermeet. To the elves of Evermeet, Amlaruil is the embodiment of the island and her nation, and her power waxes and wanes with the strength of the elven people. In fact, this is not far from the truth. Amlaruil's strength comes from the island of Evermeet itself, and the power remaining here from the land's creation by Corellon Larethian. Should she ever leave, Amlaruil's powers will fade until she is the same as any other elf.

Whatever her true connection with the Seldarine is, Amlaruil will not say. What is known for certain is that she can cast the devastating and powerful High Magic spells. Amlaruil is the guardian of the three sacred Great Treasures: the Chalice of Labelas, the sword Tahlshara, and the Crown of the Sun. 


This weapon, considered by many to be the greatest elven weapon ever crafted, is one of the three Great Treasures of Evermeet. It is currently in the keeping of Queen Amlaruil. Infused with the magic of the Seldarine, the weapon's powers cannot be used by non-elves. Any non-elf touching the weapon must successfully save vs. death magic or be instantly slain. This prohibition extends, not surprisingly, to Drow, regardless of their alignment. Tahlshara is a broad-bladed, two-handed sword. Leaves and vines are etched into its surface and its hilt is carved with complex knotwork.

Its name is written in small characters around the ferrule.

Tahlshara normally functions as a two-handed sword +8, and drops its wielder.s AC to 0, but it has a number of special abilities that can be used at will. Unfortunately, each use of a special ability marked by an asterisk in the following listing requires a 1d100 roll and reference to the High Magic Effects table. All who use the sword must roll 1d100 and refer to the table, regardless of class. Only Queen Amlaruil is immune to this effect. All special abilities are at 20th level unless otherwise noted. 

Tahlshara's powers are cast any high magic spell*, vorpal weapon +5*, teleport without error, spellstrike*, sunburst, spelltrap*, turnshadow, and teleport dead.

Chalice of Labelas

The second of the three Great Treasures of Evermeet, the chalice is a richly-wrought work of art crafted of silver, onyx, and chalcedony. It is constantly full of cool, spring water, and if drunk from, the chalice heals all damage suffered by the drinker. It will even bring a slain individual back to life in the same manner as a resurrection spell. The chalice can only be used in this fashion once per month, however. The Chalice of Labelas is in the hands of Queen Amlaruil, who uses its power sparingly.

Crown of the Sun

The third of the Great Treasures of Evermeet is a simple silver circlet set with small blue and green gems, with a single gold leaf at the brow. It combines the powers of the helm of brilliance, helm of telepathy, and helm of teleportation.

The Accumulator Sceptre

The Accumulator is sheathed in silver and must successfully save vs. spells or lose 1d4 heavy stone, and occupies a thick cylinder running the length of the tower. The Accumulator has a number of uses. It can voted to study areas and storage. The study be used to control the weather of Evermeet and surrounding seas, to create illusions, to teleport any vessel within 100 miles to a random location, and to inflict damage upon any enemy within 500 miles of Evermeet. The base damage that the Accumulator inflicts is 50d10.  Accumulator can be fired once per turn.

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