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Laeroth Runemaster

Laeroth Runemaster is the Grand Mage of Evermeet, Imperial Elf Advisor, and a Miskatonic Fellow.

In service to Queen Amlaruil Moonflower (The Sad Queen)

Mage(Miskatonic Loremaster) L25 LG High Elf

Character History

The master of the high magi is very old. Like Amlaruil, he seems to have exceeded the normal lifespan of an elf, choosing to stay on Toril and serve his people rather than join Corellon Larethian.

Laeroth the mage has dark blond hair. He is tall, his face even narrower, and his eyes even more heavily slanted than those of an ordinary elf. His appearance is so far removed from other elves as to be almost completely alien. Many believe that this is how all elves who stay on the prime material plane past their normal lifespan come to look.

The high mages' true age shows in his eyes, whose black depths are those of an ancient being. He has inherited much of the wisdom and many of the memories of the high magi who came before him. The realization of the terrible responsibilities he carries has taken a toll on him, making him purposeful and silent, performing his duties with limitless patience and loyalty.

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