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Miskatonic Brotherhood

The Miskatonic Brotherhood locks up evil artifacts, takes insanity-inducing writings out of circulation, and tries to keep things that could reasonably be described as slimy or shambling from ripping too many faces off, at least in the better sort of neighborhood. They are the inner circle of the wise.

Doq'tor S. Kane is a Miskatonic Fellow.

Mica "Wiley" of the Nine is a Miskatonic Fellow.

Laeroth Runemaster  - Mage(Miskatonic Loremaster) L25 LG High Elf - Grand Mage of Evermeet & Imperial Elf Advisor, is a Miskatonic Fellow.

The Librarian of Miskatonic University in Arkham (Modern Earth) is a Miskatonic Fellow. His apprentice now lives in the Order Magika complex of Micadonia.

The priests of the Church of Thoth work closely with the Miskatonic Brotherhood.

Taarna's existence may or may not be a closely held secret of the Miskatonic Brotherhood.

Miskatonic Lore Master writeup

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