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Places on Arda

The Keléstia - A cycle of seven linked worlds

Prime Material Plane


The Phlogistan is the vast explosive nothingness between places. It has its own flows and tides, which usually change too slowly to be noticed.

Only expert Spelljammer pilots can safely navigate the currents between the Crystal Spheres that dot it like jewels, each containing a sun and its attendant worlds.

Spelljammer. org - the great source on Crystal Spheres, the Wildspace, and the strange ships and sailors who travel between.

Flow Map of the Phlogistan

Eä is the Quenya name for the universe and has remained unchanged from Sindarian to Grey Elf languages. The word for to be. Thus, Eä is the World that Is, as distinguished from the World that Is Not.

ArdaSpace Sphere

  • Anor -the Sun
    • Elemmire - the innermost and smallest planet in the solar system too small for its gravity to retain any significant atmosphere over long periods of time
    • Earendil’s Star - the second-closest planet to the Sun, orbiting it every 224.7 Arda days. It is the brightest natural object in the night sky, except for the Moon, reaching an apparent magnitude of −4.6. Because Earendil’s Star is an inferior planet, from Arda, it never appears to venture far from the Sun. Earendil’s Star reaches its maximum brightness shortly before sunrise or shortly after sunset, for which reason it is often called the Morning Star or the Evening Star.
    • Arda - Arda Marred - the world as it is, including everything in the skies around it.
  • Carnil - the fourth planet from the Sun in the Solar System. It is also referred to as the “Red Planet” because of its reddish appearance as seen from Arda.
  • Alcarinque - fifth planet from the Sun and the largest planet within the solar system
    • At least 63 natural satellites orbit Alcarinque. Of these, 47 are less than 10 kilometres.
    • The four largest moons of Alcarinque are known as the “Eldar moons” !?!? Staff of Power !?!? Eltan makes a connection!
  • Lumbar - the sixth planet from the Sun and the second largest planet in the Solar System
  • Luinil - the seventh planet from the Sun, is the third largest and fourth most massive planet in the solar system.
  • Nenar - the eighth planet from the Sun in the Solar System.
  • Valacirca - The Burning Briar, The Sickle of the Valar, the seven stars set in the sky by Varda as an enduring warning to Melkor and his servants.
  • Vista - Air Pocket World
    • Aiwenórë, Bird-land - The lower air where the paths of birds are found.
    • Fanyamar - Cloudhome
  • Ëar - The sea world.

Other Spheres

MystaraSpace Sphere

Planet of Mystara
  • Mystara
    • Outer world
      • Continent of Brun
        • Thyatian Empire
        • Grand Duchy of Karameikos
        • Principalities of Glantri
        • Republic of Darokin (Merchants) - Proto-Renaissance Itay
        • Emirates of Ylaruam
        • Rockhome (Dwarves)
        • Alfheim (Elves)
        • Five Shires (Halflings)
        • Skothar
        • Davania
        • Sind - Proto-Moghul India
        • Alphatian Empire (Chaotic Mageocracy)
        • Wendar (Elves)
        • Savage Coast
      • Continent of Davania
      • Continent of Skothar
    • Hollow World
      • (Proto-Egyptian) Nithia
      • Proto-China
      • Other lost historical cultures
Moons of Mystara
  • Moons of Mystara
    • Matera - visible, governs lycanthropy, inhabited only by Immortals who watch over Mystara from their city of Pandias
    • Patera / Myoshima - invisible from Mystara, proto-medieval Japan

Realmspace Sphere on Realmspace

Forgotten Realms Wiki on Realmspace with Maps

  • Toril
  • Selune - Moon orbiting Toril
  • Tears of Selune (Asteroids trailing in Selune's Orbit)
    • Rock of Bral
      • The Free Imperia had an Embassy on the Rock of Bral, but Evil Bif sabotaged their reputation and they were lucky to get half the Hammerships they had paid for before leaving in bad odure.
  • Abier - Sharing Toril's orbit, in a pocket dimension out of sync with Realmspace, not visible
  • Other Planets
    • Inside Toril's Orbit
      • Anadia - Closest to sun, Halflings, Umberhulks
      • Coliar - 2nd planet, Gas Giant, flying creatures, floating islands, Elminster's Resort
    • Outside Toril's Orbit
      • Karpri - 4th planet, Ocean world, polar ice caps, sea weed masses, giant insects, aquatic elves
      • Chandos - 5th planet, Ocean world, lumps of rock piled into unstable land masses
        • Dwarves, orcs and humans from ancient Spelljammer crash forgotten and gone primitive
      • Glyth - ringed, 3 satelites, Ithillids and humanoid cattle. Mostly underground.
      • Garden - chunks of earth bound together by giant plant, pirates
      • H'Catha - Flat Disk of water with 'Spindle', single mountain in center. Beholders.
    • Way Outside Toril's Orbit
      • Stars and Constellations
        • The Centaur
        • The Woman Warrior
        • Amaunator's belt
        • Correlian
        • A crown
        • The Harp
        • The Sword and Dagger
        • The Lady of Mystery
        • The Dragon of Dawn
        • The Firbolg[29]
      • Elder Evils hiding amongst the stars
        • Acamar
        • Caiphon
        • Delban
        • Gibbeth
        • Hadar
        • Khirad
        • Nihal
        • Zhudun

GreySpace Sphere

Greyspace on

Greyspace on Spelljammer.Fandom

Greyspace is a Geocentric System, with the sun and secondary planets orbiting around Oerth.


  • Kule
  • Raenei
  • Liga (sun)
  • The Grinder
  • Edill
  • Gnibile
  • Conatha
  • Ginsel
  • Borka
  • Greela
  • The Specter

KrynnSpace Sphere

KrynnSpace on Spelljammer.Fandom

Following the lost Dragon War, all of the Good entities that could be rescued were evacuated to ArdaSpace by the Free Imperia in the The Superbalas.

Mica "Wiley" of the Nine, Archmage of the Order Magika is from Krynn.

  • The Sun is Krynnspace's primary and is a size H spherical fire body.
    • Sirrion is a size D spherical inert fire body.
    • Reorx is a size D spherical earth body. It has one moon.
    • Krynn is a size D spherical earth body. It has three moons. Since the lost Dragon War it is largely inhabited by Evil.
    • Chislev is a size E spherical earth body. It has been classified as a liveworld.
    • Zivilyn is a size F spherical air body. It has twelve moons.
    • Nehzmyth is a size C ovoid earth body. It has been suspected of being a liveworld and it orbits within The Black Clouds.
    • The Stellar Islands is a cluster of size A earth bodies. The five largest asteroids in the cluster are connected by magical walkways.

Far Realm

From these plane-like layers of madness on the borders of the Phlogiston come the Elder Evils that menace all Spheres alike.

Other Planes

Harn - Kèthîra

Harn on World Anvil

Harnwold's Sphere became destabilized after a high tech takeover forced mass evacuation. It broke away from the Phlogistan and gates no longer reach it. It may have fallen into another plane or dimension.

Many citizens of the Free Imperia, including the Emperor are refugees from Harn, thus it is an important cultural and linguistic part of The Free Imperia.

  • World of Kèthîra
    • Continent of Lýthia
      • Harn
        • Tech takeover, gates unstable


Thought to be the center of the Planescape, Sigil is a city only entered by portals; it is adjacent to everywhere.

There is a portal to Sigil in the Great Pyramid in Nexus Prime.

Wikipedia on Sigil

Elemental Planes

  • Demi-Plane of Air
  • Demi-Plane of Earth
  • Demi-Plane of Fire
  • Demi-Plane of Water

Astral Plane

Natazie Githzarie, Initiate of the Order Magika is a renegade Githyanki Mindguard from the Astral Plane.

Ethereal Plane

Demi-Plane of Shadow

Powerful Undead seem to retreat here when destroyed, only to reemerge healed. It is possible that Sauron is here.


  • Doq'tor S. Kane, High Pope of Aslan on Arda, has a whistle that summons a Hellship which is a layer of the Abyss. He keeps it safe so that it will not be used.
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