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Great Imperial Pyramid

The Center of Nexus Prime is the Great Imperial Pyramid.

It and the smaller pyramids that guard the gates East and West create enough Pyramid Power to charge Pyramid Power Collectors anywhere in the valley, and they are topped with giant Sun Burners. Sun Burners are arrays of mirrors and lenses that can focus sunlight into a weapon. The Nythians used barge sized Sun Burners to huge effect: the Free Imperia has magnified this orders of magnitude. The Sun Burner on the Great Pyramid could swat a Hammership out of orbit. The lenses and mirrors are the finest quality, and the makers are helping with the Signal Company's startup, equipment, and technology. The glowing capstone of the pyramids can also be used as a giant searchlight. These are technologies from Nithia.

Great Pyramid

Gate Pyramids

Pyramid Power Collectors are glass orbs on metal shafts that absorb a tiny amount of the power flowing around properly designed pyramids, but they are fairly expensive to make and have limited power per day. They are also personally attuned, and useless to anyone who is not the designed wielder. They are standardly used for household magic and powering floating carts, but can potentially be used for almost anything magical or mystical in nature, including animating statues, and emitting their whole charge as an offensive bolt. Anyone that can save up for a small Pyramid Power collector can use the energy to do simple household magic and lifting. The Emperor and Mica have significant collectors. A ten point collector costs about 1,000gp, and can do a most of a family's chores or heal 5hp each day. A twenty point collector costs 10,000gp, and a thirty point collector costs 100,000gp. Rumors speak or 40 or 50 point collectors; who knows what the imperial models can do.

Huge numbers of Nithian (Proto-Egyptian) laborers, along with Nithian Templars who are raised to be expert pyramid designers and builders were imported from Hollow World, along with Milenians (Proto-greeks) in great numbers. They designed and built the Great Walls, Gates, and Pyramids with the help of considerable magic and the Lyre of Building. Rumor has it that there are also Nithian ant-humanoid lens makers called Refractors that returned with the Party, living in secret passages off the South Tunnel and keeping it lit. Certainly masters of the lens makers' art are responsible for the great burners atop the pyramids, and the South Tunnel stays well lit…

For the full information on Pyramid Power and Sun Burners cf Kingdom of Nithia pp77-81

The Stepped Pyramid is the Imperial Archive, and The Great Pyramid contains warehousing, arcology style housing for a significant portion of the population, as well as private levels for officials and the Emperor. In addition to the Imperial Residence Suite, the Great Pyramid contains a room of Portal Mirrors.

The great pyramid also has a Statue of Marduk, Champion of the gods against Tiamat.

Set to welcome anything arriving through the portals is a great statue of Bahamut.

There is one Great Tunable Mirror, and eight others, each of which was linked to its paired opposite. The match for the Seventh Mirror was lost on Harn.

The current setup of portals:

  1. Greyhawk < - > Nexus Prime
  2. Hollow World (Nithia) < - > Nexus Prime
  3. Mystara (Triagral Island) < - > Nexus Prime
  4. Unassigned
  5. Unassigned
  6. 1/2 size Monster Island < - > Nexus Prime
  7. 1/2 size Unassigned

Great Mirror - Tunable

Welcome statue of Bahamut

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