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Signal Company

The division of the Rathkeeps Corps dedicated to magically lit semaphore links between treetop towers. It is in process of linking not only all of the The Free Imperia, but all of its trading partners. Its range is boosted by Sky Castles, which can add elevated points to the network of tree forts. It cooperates heavily with the Imperial Dispatch and gives the West Arda Trading Company another overwhelming advantage - in a world doing business by cart and sailing ship, they can receive market data from anywhere within hours and ship via Spell Jammer in the same day. Of course its primary purpose is that news of great events at home or abroad reaches Nexus Prime within hours, at worst case as a reported interruption in signal.

Primary technology is based on continual light glassteel spheres with parabolic reflectors and shuttered Fresnel lenses. Long distances and breaks in lines are jumpered by high-flying Skycastles and 'Jammers. Each Signal post also maintains signal flag equipment, as well as drums and smoke for all around local alarms.


  • Lord Raza Vie - F/MU(Swashbuckler) L5/6 CG Harnic High Elf - Cryptography Specialist, Ducal Liason
  • Laurin Paurgiliath - Diviner L5 NG Half Elf - Contract Remote Viewer

Types of stations

  • Uplink
    • Ground level signal point
    • Anything from a man portable light and spyglass up to a ten team department at the Nexus Prime main Imperial Dispatch Post Office, sending and receiving public messages. Uplinks will be free to governmental agencies (and the Postmen can mark up the service through their desks), but private uplinks will remain an expensively rented option.
    • Retain all around alert signaling technology: drums, smoke, etc.
  • Local Collector
    • Mid altitude installation
    • Maintains multiple signal teams according to traffic.
      • On a ten man shift,
        • Three will shuffle signal to Uplinks
        • Three will shuffle signal to Network Relays
        • Four will act as spotters, acquiring and prioritizing targets, and maintaining situational awareness
          • High Priority military traffic is processed first
          • Then Medium Priority military traffic
          • Then Low Priority military traffic and High Priority private traffic
          • Then regular private traffic
  • Network Relay
    • High altitude installation
    • Carries signal between local collectors
    • Research into narrow beam light, divinationally focused scopes, etc. continue to push the signal horizon at which these high altitude hubs can push signal.
    • Goal to have caster / scroll of Mica's Magic Mirror available at all Network Relays for emergency use in bad visibility conditions

Funding Model

Once the strategic signal network exists, making public sector use of it available is a wonderful way to fund expansion and maintenance. Sale of trading reports and foreign news briefs is an additional early source of income: the WATC is only one agency that will pay well for having this digest circulated. The The Flame Imperishable will pay to collect stories and distribute news in a timely manner. Anyone doing business outside of their own city will use signal network communication to remain current. If the service is affordable, families will send short notes, particularly as 'Jammer assisted travel continues to redistribute the population. 'Arvd Sf. Pls fwd wrm cot snst!'

The Signal Company will make installation of uplinks free for governmental use. The Imperial Dispatch can mark up the Signal Company base fee and sell messaging through their public post offices as another class of mail. Important individuals and organizations can pay a lot to rent a private uplink with a licensed operator. Training of outside personnel is only in plain signal and how to request and receive from the Local Collector, and signal to and from any private uplink bills at a significantly higher rate.

Currently the Signal Company is operated under the aegis of the regular military of Duchy Eltán, as part of the Rathkeeps Corps. While this has been an efficient way to get infrastructure completed, it may become a significant enough asset to make part of the Imperial apparatus. It is recruiting smart young talent as spotters, and encourages pre-vetted volunteer spotters at ground installations. Once they are trained up, promising candidates transfer to Nexus Prime for further training and vetting before being promoted. Cross-training interns from the Spellcaster Recruitment and Training Initiative will produce very high value personnel.

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