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Karsel'lyn Lylyl-Lytherraias

Karsel'lyn Lylyl-Lytherraias is the Drow Ambassador to Queen Amlaruil Moonflower (The Sad Queen) of Evermeet.

Cleric(Diplomat) L12 CG Drow

Karsel'lyn Lylyl-Lytherraias' character sheet

Character History

Lady Karsel'lyn Lylyl-Lytherraias's presence on the isle of Evermeet is a secret shared only by her, the queen, and Laeroth Runemaster, the master high mage.

Karsel'lyn is a priestess of the good Drow goddess, Eilistraee, and has in the past been one of Queen Amlaruil's best agents among the dark ones in the Realms. Now she is on Evermeet, discussing what would have been, until recently, thought impossible the possibility that the Drow worshippers of Eilistraee would be allowed to follow the Retreat to Evermeet.

Lady Karsel'yn Lylyl-Lytherraias is as graceful as her name, and is the perfect representative of the tiny group of Drow who have forsaken the evil and decadence of the lower realms and embraced the loving and naturistic worship of Eilistraee. In general outlook, she is much like a Grey elf. She is impulsive, chaotic, intense, flirtatious, and somewhat fickle.

Karsel'lyn faces an uphill struggle in her mission. Although Amlaruil values her as an agent and a friend, she knows that the conservative Gold elves will never accept Drow on Evermeet. The Silver elves may be more inclined to at least consider the possibility that some Drow have turned away from the ways of the evil gods, but even they are suspicious.

Unknown to Lady Karsel'lyn, several Drow families have hired a Drow assassin named Mourn to hunt her down and kill her, thus ending any current moves toward reconciliation between the elves and the worshipers of Eilistraee.

Some observers have suggested that the Drow lady is a rival of the druidess Aerilaya for the affections of Captain Carreigh Macumail, but none of the principals in the matter have ever discussed it publicly.

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