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'FIS Paladine', The Superbalas

Mica, in his role as Deacon of Bahamut, is captain of the Superbalas.

The Superbalas is a giant spelljamming home for dragons. She served as Paladine's home on Arda when he came as a boon to Mica after Takisis took over Krynn in the wake of Chemosh's banishment.

Her designer and ship's cook, Akiro Habbukook, is an ancient grandmaster of the katana, who has been with the Superbalas since her earliest days.

Once blown up by Raistlin, she has been docked in the Great Shipyard near the Old City of Nexus Prime for repair and refit since she was used for the final evacuation of good dragons and other creatures from Krynn to Arda. Among other things she is being fit with three great bombards, one front facing using part of the Forequarters for dragons, two rear facing along her sides, and coated with a thin layer of Nak, the super-material made by the phase-spider folk from the Needle on a moon in Arda's system.

Removed and sent to the Armory were 16 Heavy Catapults and 40 Heavy Ballistae.

A number of dragons maintain residence on the Superbalas, though as she returns to active duty they are being encouraged to keep their quarters neat and well organized, as befits a Naval vessel.

Her Captain is Arron Tallbow. She is crewed by a unit of 50 Chaotic Good aligned draconians following Sivak Rak, along with 24 Dracon Templars and other Paladine worshipers. She also contains the Dragon Forge, capable of making Dragon Armor and Dragonlances, as well as a Temple of Paladine.

She is the current flagship and brig of the Free Imperia Navy.

Deck Plans

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