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Thalion Paurgiliath Arch Duke of Eltán

Arch Duke of Eltán, Grand Master of the Imperial Knights, Protector of the Harnic Elves, Lord of the Imperial Host

Thalion Gallery

Imperial Arch Duke of Duchy Eltán, nominal ruler of the Civilized Harnic Elves. He is also, as Protector of the Harnic Elves, the nominal overlord of the Rainbow Barbarians, though his functional role here might be better described as Imperial Liason.

Eltán is a member of the The Party.

Eltán is a Paladin of the Church of Eru Ilùvatar, and head of the militant portion thereof.

Eltán is a Founding Board Member of the West Arda Trading Company.

Founder of

Dolornost Arnĕn (Tall Tree Hill Fort By the Water) - Eltán's South Valley Capitol fort, just West of New Solomnia and south of St. Karlon, the Westmark capital of Duchy St Karlon.

Cîwharnith (New Harn Sister) - settlement by mostly civilized Harnic Elves in the Southern Archipelago

Beriad Ostaurelian (Towers of Rainbow Forest Fortress) - main settlement of Rainbow Barbarians

Rhóvanost (Fort Wilder) - settlement in the Mûmakan peninsula

Sîrnan - Hidden western fortress settlement in a high valley where the Listening Mountains split off from the Yellow Mountains



Eltán has: 181 surviving adult natural children, from L2 to L7, 30% Elves, 70% Half Elves, 1/4+ twins, both fraternal & identical, 100 to 600 yrs old, as well as legions of descendants and adoptees, most of whom serve in the Legions of the Paurgiliath Peacekeepers. Thalion has adult 30th great grandchildren (600+ years of Thalion’s adulthood x20 year generations) active in the legions. 

When Thalion's childhood sweetheart was married, in an arranged marriage, to a young Prince of Eveal on Harn, he was unhappy. When the princeling died a few years later, he was exceedingly conflicted.

Eru had, by request, many ages ago, set down rules regarding the marriage of elves. It specified that elves should only marry once, unless their first partner chose never to return from Mandos' halls.

What Thalion realized was that elven population had continued to decline for all his recorded history. Two elves have one or two children over the centuries - if no-one ever died untimely, the population would continue to shrink.

Eru had proscribed remarriage, but had in no way proscribed reproduction for the widowed or unwed.

Thalion undertook a series of sacred divinations, from which he concluded that it was wholly righteous that he should change the face of Elven culture, and have kids. Lots of kids from many mothers. He couldn't marry Lidia, but he could build a vast family that included her.

Elves dying out instead of having children is a tragic side effect of culturally warped dogma. Eru likes elves, and children. Eru is also in favor of half elves and high men. If the histories weren't enough evidence, they also, by divine word, are part of the plan. Harmony between the children is pleasing to the most high.

His premise brought great controversy to Harnic High Elven culture. Many still do not believe him; but his proof is that he remains a Paladin: he acts as Eru wills.

Thalion likes to joke that he is a judgement on traditionalist elves. When Numenor turned to Evil, Eru sent the wave. When Elves turned to isolation, snobbishly fading away while cherishing their eldritch sorrows, Eru sent Thalion.

With a number of children absolutely unprecedented in the histories, only occasionally enabled by fertility magic, it is a surprisingly apt comparison.

His half-brother and presumptive heir is Andriero Paurgiliath, although Andriero really doesn't want the responsibility.

He has three sets of twins with Dame Lidia Vie,

He has children in Realmspace, from past travels, mostly in Waterdeep or the High Forest. Those who remain there are worshipers of Faerunic Deities.

When the The Free Imperia's Embassy in Waterdeep was burnt by Master Vampires, they stayed behind and founded the Gatekeepers of the Benevolent Grotto to give them a safe position from which to advance the interests of Duchy Eltán and the Free Imperia.

Military Forces

Many of Eltán's best military forces are seconded to the Rathkeeps Corps and Field Engineering Corps, building and training those organizations as they recruit.

Duke Eltán's Knights

Other Vassals

Harnic Units of Duchy Eltán

Harnic Home Guard

Harnic Archer Group

  • Dodgist Pike (F4)
  • Larther Zeln (F2)

Harnic Infantry Group

  • Mathaus Trevar (F3)

Shadow Archers

  • Ilithilas Octbon (R5)
  • L’el Galbarath (MU8)


Lady Vana's Vinerunners

  • Lady Vana - Ranger(Noble Warrior) L12 CG Harnic High Elf

Harnic Legion

  • General Ori Bleenfeather (F10)
  • Commander sin Baralthal (Mu6/th3)

Harnic High Elf Infantry

  • Lord Ezzah (F8)
  • Captain Lannah (F3)

Paurgiliath Peacekeepers

Paurgiliath Peacekeepers main article

Official Paurgiliath Peacekeepers Charter

1st (Eltán’s Own)

4th (Naval Legion)(Swabbies)

7th  (Dragons)

9th (Badgers)

10th (Rangers)

Home Legion

Support Legion

Rainbow Barbarians

Purple Pine Rainbow Barbarians

  • Chieftain Kel (Eagle) - Barbarian Fighter L15 NG Harnic High Elf
  • Elba Tallowood (D10)
  • Lidia (Cl9) - Ilúvatar
  • Michalitha (R5)
  • Lelf Korg Bonebreaker (Wolf) (B9)
  • Malititos (D4)
  • Figlas (R3)
  • Lelf Elissotolem (Ram) (B7)
  • Lidraslis (D4)
  • Gilmous (R2)
  • Lelf T’Koddin (Cougar) (B8)
  • Xelus (D3)
  • Balor Shil (F6)
  • Lelf Bear (Bear) (B10)
  • Relus Vinemore (D7)
  • Avan Dogrunner (d3)
  • Tgamaz Elfbow (F7)
  • Lelf Advair (Fox) (B6)
  • Nalur (D3)
  • Kellris (R3)

Indigo Rock Rainbow Barbarians

Blue Mountain Rainbow Barbarians

Green Forest Rainbow Barbarians

  • Chieftan Averys KinJillias (Snake) - Barbarian Fighter L6 CG Harnic High Elf
  • Marc (R2)
  • Lelf Thorianthalas (B5)
  • Rowellgzweller (R3)
  • Marah (Cl3) – Ilúvatar
  • Lelf Gorin Maltthas (Owl) (B5)
  • Selena (D3)
  • Lelf Malak Skygazer (Squirrel) (B5)
  • Silzar (R2)

Yellow Plains Rainbow Barbarians

  • Chieftain F’halosaner Bloodrunner (Unicorn) - Barbarian Fighter L7 LN Harnic High Elf
  • Lelf Sallow Axe (Horse) (B3)
  • Bornia (Cl4) – Ilúvatar
  • Gavin (R4)
  • Lelf Firebrawn (Bison) (B6)
  • Longstride (R3)
  • Lelf Palesolas Fischer (Yellow Pines Kodiak)
  • Stan (R3)

Orange Bluff Rainbow Barbarians

Red River Rainbow Barbarians

  • Chieftain Quruimalas Blooddog (Cooshie) - Druid(Guardian) L14 N Harnic High Elf
  • Immerton (R3)
  • Lelf Terrian Hammerkill (Bobcat) (B3)
  • Lelf Rexor Ashbow (Lion) (B4)
  • Mel Harnic (Cl4) – Ilúvatar
  • Lelf Valman (Salmon)
  • Thor (R3)

Black Wing Rainbow Barbarians

  • Chieftain Wingthorn Swordcrusher (B4)
  • Meggen Doveborn (D4)
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