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Fortification Initiative

The Fortification Initiative is one of the main themes in Thalion Paurgiliath Arch Duke of Eltán's new projects. It is creating networks of tree forts big enough to shelter the local population linked by Signal Company towers communicating via semaphore with magical lights. In addition to land-based tree forts, it includes Sky Castle tree forts to bounce signal over long distances and transport troops and materiel. Decks on tree forts of both sorts are standardly protected by cable boarding net, with designated and well covered approaches.

It includes plans to train the local population into levies of different alert status: some as a full time garrison auxilliary, some reserve, but everyone knowing the alert signals and where to run and hide. This is administered (and the garrisons are stiffened and trained by) the Rathkeeps Corps, who share construction responsibility with the Field Engineering Corps. The forts will also coordinate with the pony express and other functions of the Imperial Dispatch, as well as working with the West Arda Trading Company and their diplomacy via trading post program.

Fortification Initiative Charter and Guiding Document

Schematic and Perspective Illustrations

Schematic for Tree Fort type A-#, v1.0. This is the smallest style of Tree Fort, and may have up to 4 decks without expanding the footprint.

Blowup of type A-1, perspective

Prototype 0.83 Schematic

Early Prototype v0.17 Perspective

Subsystem Schematics

Drawbridge / Extendable Air-Dock

Plumbing System Schematic

Point Defense System Schematic

Barbican Treatment Schematic

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