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City of St. Karlon

The city of St. Karlon, Westmark suburb capital of Duchy St. Karlon, was founded on the South Shore of Westlake, an improved lake at the head of the Orróduinë, or East River, a navigable river that goes North then bends back far to the East, by Arch Duchess Damelia St. Karlon. She lost her own folk to a gas attack in the fall of Harn, however her personal empathy and projective empathy, as well as her fair and good hearted performance as an Imperial Judge, have won the hearts of many followers, as have her striking appearance with flaming red hair and golden plate armor. The Emperor granted her the rapidly forming unnamed settlement on Westlake, and she has shown great vision and commitment, and done excellent work guiding it to a thriving trade port. The folk of Black Rock to the North and of Duchy Eltán to the South help to look out for the security of St. Karlon and it's attendant hamlets.

St Karlon is the primary port by which East River traffic from the cities of East Harbor and the Dargonesti Sound enters Nexus Prime.

  • Good fortifications, including abundant treeforts.
  • Population well organized into levies to take advantage of the treeforts - when an alarm is sounded everyone knows their job and place. The Duchess has been excellent about implementing Eltán's readiness initiatives.
  • Temple of Larani
  • Spelljammer and Wet Navy port and repair facilities
  • Wet Navy Shipwright
  • Westmark Market
  • Armory
  • Smithing Complex
  • Warehousing
  • Brewery
    • St Karlon Girl pilsner
    • Very drinkable, but the picture of the Duchess sells even more.

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