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Ongoing Projects

AR20, Winterfilth 3

Started Next Event Organization NPC Project Page Status
Pyramid Building AR1 None The Free Imperia Emperor Aragithalas Sercenornorow Kanan Great Imperial Pyramid Complete?
Fortification Initiative AR20, Rethe 1 None Rathkeeps Corps, Field Engineering Corps Thalion Paurgiliath Arch Duke of Eltán Fortification Initiative Ongoing, 6 months of local tree forts & Sky Castles completed
Fleet Building AR20, Rethe 1 FEA Sales and Purchasing rulings FEA Group, West Arda Trading Company, and Free Imperia Navy Sir Anadall Greywind, Lady Malinde, and Dame Gerdie FEA Group Ongoing, 6 months of Fleet Construction completed: 100 WATC hulls and ? Navy
Glider Design AR20, Rethe 3 Engineering Check Trying to design prototypes
Research Staff of Power, Crucible, Avatar AR20, Rethe 15 Research Check
Historic Tree Quests AR20, Rethe 15 AR21, Rethe 3: 1 Year Search Check? Church of Eru Ilùvatar No trees found after 6 months (DM Check AR20 Winterfilth 3)
Find/Track/Infiltrate/Compromise Cult of Sauron AR20, Rethe 15 Unknown Imperial Dispatch, Paurgiliath Peacekeepers Rumors sparked research by our intelligence apparatus


Campaign History

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