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Campaign History

Early Years


Timeline of the settlement and early construction of Nexus Prime.

Second version of early timeline from Rod Halfking:

Working Timeline


Mica, Aragorn, and Bif go to Earth in the 1980's. Dr. Wiley writes important physics papers, Bif becomes a celebrity wrestler.

Dragon Mountain - dragon escapes

Spidermoon (The Needle) - the Nak must flow!

Destabilization of Harn through excessive technology.

Collapse of Krynn, lost dragon war. Takhisis' ascendancy after Mica created a power vacuum by banishing Chemosh with a sphere of Annihilation. Chemosh can't return to Krynn for a hundred years, the undead armies all die. Takhisis intervenes on the part of at least one Death Knight (possibly Lord Soth?), making it human again.

The Irda Tree, at that point the last standing tree of its forest, is rescued. Seth turns it into a red haired half-elven lady who returns with the party to Nexus Prime.

Raistlan blows up the Superbalas. It is raised again and used for the evacuation of Dragons and other Good survivors of Krynn to Arda.

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  1. Paladin in Hell - party returns with many corrupt artifacts.
  2. Harmonica of Hell blown.
  3. Mica2 turns grey.
  4. Gunslinger gives up on the The Party.
  5. Eltán arrives in pocket plane.
  6. The Party goes to Freddy's castle.
  7. Madoc kills Freddy.
  8. Elder god awakes, drains magic, starts collapse of pocket plane.
  9. Mystery resurrection of Freddy.
  10. We flee the collapsing pocket plane.
  11. Bif gets his curse removed, and gets a new body. Everyone now remembers Bif as Crom Thorson.
  12. The Party detours through Asgard / Valhalla on the way home.
  13. Mica "Wiley" of the Nine speaks with Hela in the great hall.
  14. Kane prays to Aslan, many of our magic items are restored.
  15. Eltán fails to reform Freddy.
  16. Crom Kills Freddy.
    1. With a party including:
  17. Mica1 meets his daughter Murbella of the Nine.
  18. Eru tells Eltán that Ar Pharazon and the Numenoreans have awoken, be ready! Eltán relays this to the The Party, and founds the W.A.T.C to fund building fleet strength through the creation of a merchant navy. Also begins the Signal Network, the Fortification Initiative, the Spellcaster Recruitment and Training Initiative, and other readiness projects.

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  1. Intelligence gained re. Cult of Sauron seeking the Crucible and Avatar of Sauron. The Imperial Dispatch and Peacekeepers are tasked to get more information, to root out or at least compromise and infiltrate the Cult, and to find the Crucible and Avatar before they do.
  2. Representatives of the Agency find us in Arda, invite us back to Earth to close a gate based on calculations from a paper written by Dr. Wiley in the 1980's.
  3. Party goes to Earth.
  4. Agency turns hostile, party escapes from Boston facility. Party recruits Pawn Store Owner, shops, and goes to Arkham. Kane gets a fedora.
  5. Party Recruits Physicist specializing in time travel, one Dr. Mallett, forgets him in van at Miskatonic with Pawn Store Owner, Samurai Archer and hookers.
  6. Party meets Miskatonic Librarian, recruits his apprentice.
  7. Mica learns Volcano Magic.
  8. Party goes to NY, looks for Dr. Strange, erases the existing sigil and leaves Mica's wizard mark as a calling card at his address (177A Bleeker Street, on the corner of Fenno Place in the heart of Greenwich Village).
  9. Party Recruits Goth Girl L1 MU with no spells.
  10. Party attacked by Agency personnel at Goth Girl's apartment.
  11. Bif knocks out both agents, and Mica mind-wipes them, leaving them hyper-paranoid about the agency backup personnel who are en route, and heavily armed. Probably didn't end well.
  12. Party goes to Maine, implodes the gate, and is thrown into the Hyborean Age.
  13. Bif smites the invading army of apemen, and Mica smites the wizard apprentice who leads them.
  14. Goth Girl survives implosion, Librarian's Apprentice dies, but Eltán raises dead and heals him.
  15. Party sent to druggie wizard by survivors, get alchemical preparations for time magic, take him with us.
    1. Druggie Wizard gives party toad that makes red astral / ethereal seeing powder.
    2. The Party discovers a succubus has been following Crom Thorson, Count Volsung; Doq'tor S. Kane banishes it.
  16. Crom Thorson kidnaps a monkey man from the nearby city.
  17. Mica wishes we knew where the evil book that the Druggie Wizard is ranting about is.
  18. Party finds LG tree aligned with Mithra shielding Iron Book of Skelos.
    1. Druggie Wizard falls into chaotic temporal stasis after forseeing distant doom.
    2. The Party contemplates how many evil artifacts we are guarding and the tree produces acorns for us.
    3. Mica and Kane find Druggie Wizard's book of time magic, use time magic to open it, Mica learns time magic.
    4. Doq'tor S. Kane shelters the glowing temporal stasis patch around Druggie Wizard with a stone hut / dome
    5. Eltán Talks to the tree, ineffectively.
    6. Kane gets a good Augury from Aslan about moving the tree.
    7. Eltán Apologizes to the tree, tells it we are taking it somewhere safe where it can protect the book.
    8. Kane de-ages the tree while Mica uses a ring of plant control to keep the roots wrapped around the book.
    9. As the tree gets down to the age of 600 years, in the morning of the third day, a face appears in gathering clouds, yellow sheep appear at the far end of the meadow, flying monkeys gather nearby, and rats attack the party.
      1. Crom Thorson, Count Volsung has a plan, which works brilliantly! (10/17/21)
      2. We give the librarian's apprentice and the goth girl guns
      3. They and the Monkey Man that Crom kidnapped watch Mica and Kane's back
      4. Eltán charges the rats with flaming sword and autoshotgun. The rats being undead, Eltán's armor glows blue and starts melting them faster than he can shoot or smite. Eltán springs back and forth (springing and striding) melting rats and occasionally shooting one.
      5. Crom takes a three step takeoff and flys to engage the monkeys.
      6. Monkeys throw jars, monkeys throw poo, they miss Crom. Crom makes a thunderclap, knocking many monkeys out of the air.
      7. The jars that the monkeys were carrying break open as they land releasing black protoplasm which crawls toward the tree and gathers in bigger chunks. One dying monkey manages to break his jar close to the tree.
      8. Kane opens a portal in front of the small chunk of crawly black stuff, teleporting it hundreds of miles away.
      9. Other blobs keep coagulating into bigger chunks.
      10. Crom, being up in the air, is the first to see a giant (60') grasshopper approaching from some miles away.
      11. Eltán falls back, still melting rats, and unleashes a cone of cold from his dragon amulet, which does nothing the the crawly black blobs.
      12. Mica raises a dome of force, which the black stuff starts piling up on.
      13. Crom smites more flying monkeys.
      14. Eltán raises a wall of fire from his Armor of Brilliance, which does deter the black oozing protoplasm.
      15. Unexpectedly, a Sumerian looking wizard in a black robe on a flying carpet flies in through portal.
        1. He and Crom look at eachother
        2. He points toward tree, and summons 6 giant skeletons with hearts of fire before flying right back through his portal and bailing.
        3. The skeletons charge the tree on the same side as the rats, opposite the blob piling up on the dome of force.
      16. Eltán and Kane raise their holy symbols and turn undead, reducing the skeletons to dust. The fire from their centers explodes on the outside of the dome of force.
      17. Crom takes off after the grasshopper, flying elegantly.
      18. Eltán changes drums on the autoshotgun, and sets out springing along the ground behind Crom to back him up.
      19. Black pudding nearly covers the dome.
      20. Crom discovers that the giant grasshopper has unusual riders:
        1. A giant white ape
        2. A very large dark ape
        3. And riding the large ape, a woman, with a skull helmet, a rod with a monkey paw, a belt with eagle skulls, and a lot of exposed skin covered in tatoos and ritual tribal scarring.
      21. Crom casts animal friendship on the ape, but the ape is above animal intelligence and shrugs it off.
      22. The giant ape throws a huge spear at Crom, but misses.
      23. Crom throws his hammer at the grasshopper, cracking it's carapace and staggering it.
      24. Eltán leaps in and chops the joint on it's foreleg with his flaming sword, slowing it further.
      25. The black pudding, hungry, leaves the frustration of the dome of force, breaks up into smaller chunks and goes looking for meals.
      26. The giant ape throws another spear at Crom, but misses
      27. The woman in the skull helmet throws a pair of magic missiles at Crom, giving him a small blister.
      28. Crom lands on the grasshopper and smites it with a flurry of blows from his hammer, nearly slaying it.
      29. Eltán tries to empty the autoshotgun into the grasshopper's belly, but it jams after one slug.
      30. The apes flee from the grasshopper's back, the smaller ape still carrying the woman.
      31. Eltán yells “Behave!” after them; Crom pursues.
      32. Crom strikes down the giant white ape from behind, with considerable splatter.
      33. Eltán chops off the leg of the smaller ape carrying the woman.
      34. The woman tumbles awkwardly to her feet, and Crom and Eltán realize that she is very pregnant. She throws a spider at Crom, missing, but the spider grows and comes back after him.
      35. Crom kills the spider.
      36. Eltán casts remorse, clapping his hand to the woman's forehead and shouting “Behave!”
        1. The woman repents, and tries to slink away.
        2. Eltán casts tongues and tells her to quit slinking, stand still and let him heal her before she harms her baby; gives her a lecture on prenatal safety (Including not riding giant grasshoppers around and hitting people). He heals her.
        3. Crom, in disgust, goes to finish off the grasshopper and as many of the flying monkeys as he can catch.
        4. Eltán takes away the monkey paw, and takes her to talk to the smart people (Kane and Mica). He tries to give them the monkey paw. She tells them that her master, apparently the giant ape, heard the book calling and led them to get it. She lived with her master, and has nowhere to go. Everyone tries to pass responsibility to someone else, Crom by telling Eltán to kill her, and Kane and Mica by telling her to follow Eltán.
      37. A small piece of black pudding tries to eat Eltán, but misses; he burns it with hand fulls of fire from the Armor of Brilliance. Most of the black pudding is eating the grasshopper.
      38. The tree is shrunk to where we can see the book peeking out from between the roots. Everyone notices that it is whispering in our heads. Kane and Mica start re-aging the tree as a Bonsai, trying to wrap the roots all the way around the book and cover it up completely, but the tree will not Bonsai appropriately and the book keeps whispering.
      39. Eltán forages behind a rock, finds a nice cushion and a pot of tea, serves those interested. He makes sure that the woman doesn't have any more dangerous things, stacks them neatly together, sits on the cushion, drinks tea, and watches over Kane, Mica, the woman, the Librarian's apprentice, the goth girl, the monkey man Bif kidnapped, the Druggie Wizard, and the pile of potentially evil potentially magic things till someone has time to deal with them (monkey paw rod, skull helmet, belt of eagle skulls, ?source of spiders?, …?)
      40. Crom keeps killing monkeys
    10. The Monkey Priestess tells Kane and Mica that her master referred to the Sumerian wizard as a great evil.
    11. Crom returns from killing monkeys
    12. Mica pronounces sentence on the Monkey Priestess, and Crom executes her.

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  • Crom cautiously investigates and takes pile of monkey lady's items
  • Crom passes verdict and executes the kidnapped apeman

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  • Blendin Blandin, a time wizard, appears, peacefully, and complains that the Druggie Wizard has created a time anchor; puts him in a flask, and warns that his compounds are dangerous and addictive
  • Crom spots a magical storm approaching, and the Mithra Tree roots start to crack
  • Blendin stops local time; he, Mica, and Kane coordinate gates and time portals (with a gem of Crom's) to return us to our departure time/point in Arda
  • Eltán maintains a 10'r protection from evil so that nothing sneaks through
  • Various technology items are put into bags of holding or absorbed by polymorph to prevent their disintegration
  • With the assistance of druids, the Mithra Tree is re-aged and planted
    • possibly as part of a grove with other evil artifacts protected by trees grown from acorns?
    • possibly in Area 51 on Monster Island?
  • Early Spring to Early Autumn pass
    • Rumors of trouble to North, non-specific
    • Strange evil symbol tattooed on human skin couriered to Nexus Prime
    • Searching for references to symbol, Bishop Datlat and clerks find references to Bloodstone as trading commodity mined in pass to North in Ered Ormal range
    • WATC builds class C trading post in Belfaux
    • Baron Tranth (& daughter Lady Christine), with Town of Belfaux and Village of Sofular prepare to join Free Imperia
    • Imperial party prepares to visit Belfaux for Tranth's investment as Imperial Baron
    • Peacekeepers, possibly other intelligence services, spread through Barony Tranth ostensibly studying how best to assist in growth, doing good works

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2023 Belfaux (2/26 earth, Early September Arda)

  • The Imperial Party enters Belfaux mildly disguised as commoners
    • Rain starts, continues two days, then freezes, damaging crops
      • Grand Druid Gabrielle Harn summoned, folded in by Kane
        • confirms weather as natural, but interrupts bad weather, brings sun (maximized by Kane)
        • Kane distributes 'Aslan's Sun Ray'
      • Extra food shipments signaled for and arrive
      • Wolf Winter rumors start
    • We hear that Aldric, Priest of Bahamut is sick
    • Detect evil / undead around town
      • Find Lady Christine, place surreptitious guards
      • Check West Arda Trading Company Trading Post & Ambassador staff
      • Start ritual to embed Protection from Evil on Tree (140'R) - led by Madrigan Mintsilver
      • Call Peacekeepers in who can make it before dark, send out quiet vampire alerts, set patrols
      • Eltán charms the Lady Christine into coming to the safe zone at the Trading Post
      • The Party, apart from Crom, accompanies them to the Ritual at the Trading Post
    • It gets dark
      • Full Moon rises
      • Late at night a swarm of rats moves into a shed behind Aldric's Temple
      • Crom Investigates
      • Two Wargs break out of another shed, having apparently eaten the family there
      • Party starts running, leaving Lady Christine under heavy guard
      • People scream, begin to gather
      • Crom shoots Wargs
        • Wargs kill somebody
        • Crom jumps down
        • Wargs kill people
        • Crom kills wargs
        • Three More wargs come
        • Crom kills wargs
      • Kane folds The Party in
      • Crowd control organized as the local Watch and patrolling Peacekeepers arrive
        • Eltán uses a holy molitov to make a flaming ring, chases rats out of other shed
      • Party kicks their way into temple in time to see
        • Gasseous form Vampire disappear down tunnel under altar
        • Shrine with symbols all around Doq'tor S. Kane recognizes as 'of Orca', simple versions of the tattoo we were sent
        • Party Pursues through tunnel to empty graveyard, searches
          • returns split between overland and through tunnel
            • Crom finds treasure (rod, ring, bag?) in altar
      • Crowd control moves people further back
        • Corpses are moved into corrupted church
        • Annointed with Holy Oil
        • Aragaorn casts Fireball and affect fires to burn church completely and hot
          • Stands close by basking in the flames
        • Baron Tranth and Lady Christine arrive
          • Thalion Paurgiliath Arch Duke of Eltán Introduces himself, putting away flaming sword
          • Briefs them, openly
          • Schedules Brunch meeting to introduce others, described as important people
          • Gets permission to augment town guard, sends signal to bring in the rest of the 600ish Peacekeepers in the area, forced march keeping together
          • Issues anti-vampire equipment from stores at Trading Post
            • Garlic
            • Holy Water
            • Holy Oil
            • Stakes
            • Torches
            • Wolfsbane Oil - Salve
            • Sets low level clerics to replenishing stores - Alter Liquid, etc, import more if nec.
          • Sets up guards for Baron Tranth and Lady Christine including at least 1 paladin for each of appropriate gender who can detect evil at their doorways through the night and lead the rest in if there is a problem
          • Sets heavy guards for town streets
          • Church of Eru Ilùvatar distributes Sunrise spells, particularly to Baron, daughter, guards, guard commanders in patrols

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3/5/23 Earth

  • Eltán has memory loss
    • All his equipment except armor, weapons & clothing is gone
    • Much of his magic seems different & more limited
    • He can't remember or find his bonded mount, but knows he has one
    • Thinks he helped with a successful breech delivery, but can't remember what horse or even which lines it was in. Mare and filly were healed and well.
    • Methods of cleanliness, sleep/reverie, food, drink, and pockets are completely forgotten, but no longer happen; confusion results. Lance, arrows, and holy oil making are forgotten, and the physical results are gone. He requisitions a heavy lance and saddle, as a security blanket.
  • The Party searches the ashes of Aldric's temple, discovers that the coffin was covered in lead
  • Mica and Kane take soil samples from the coffin
  • Crom closes off the tunnel to the graveyard.
  • Peacekeepers deploy in double watchpost/stable in center, 4 lone trees in corners of Belfaux, distribute food, encourage villagers to take shelter at the trading post, or at least remain in large groups. They patrol aggressively, keeping squads of 10 as a minimum unit size.
  • Eltán sends signals for Imperial escort & squadron for Emperor's big day
    • Also extra anti-vamp/wolf issue kits
    • Also deploys WATCH with Vinerunners to Heb Aaraan
    • The Flame Imperishable headlines “Wolf Winters: Natural Cycles or Work of the Enemy”
      • Nice piece about the WATC and temples sending food and assistance
      • Send an Imperial Beat reporter
  • Magical blizzard rolls in, Gabrielle Harn abates the snow in 4mix4mi
  • Warg tracks lead toward old mine from cemetery
  • Bif, Kane and Aragorn make excuses to avoid the Baronial Brunch
  • Eltán truesight scans the Baron's companions
  • Mica shows the Baron his soil sample, asks about experts
  • Baron Tranth shows party a Bloodstone, suggests they postpone the ceremony till after problems are resolved
    • Suggests they find local dwarves to talk with
      • about the mine
      • about the soil sample
  • Mica loans Eltán a ring of flying, and Kane casts free action on him; rest of Party dons boots of north, snow walking gear
  • Party heads toward mine next morning
  • Aragorn spots avalanche danger
  • Party tries to sneak through
  • Ambushed by snow worm
    • It causes avalanche
    • Bif throws hammer at it, clobbers it, causes bigger avalanche, burying the Snow Worm
    • Eltán battered by avalanche
  • Ambushed by 10 Werewargs - waiting for us?
  • Party stays the night in Mica's fortress
    • Kane produces food
    • Aragorn gathers pinecones, considers eating them.
    • Eltán heals, sleepwalks with saddle, gets clean, makes pine needle tea for breakfast

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3/19/23 Game

  • Wolf tracks outside the fortress in the morning
  • Press on, reach a fork
  • Follow left fork, find slaughtered wargs at
  • Hill Dwarven enclave of Orothiar
    • 500+, used to be 3x as many in mine
    • Friendly, isolated shepherds
    • Tokan - Chieftain
    • Gaelin - Guard Commander
    • Glorlo - Chief Cleric
      • Eru
      • Different names/practices
      • Says everything in chant
    • Used to live in mine
      • Give us description of mine
        • 3 entrances, all in sight of eachother
        • Too big to explore in 1 day
        • Mica's grave dirt sample comes from there
        • Adventurers went in, never came out
    • Worked with deep gnomes
      • lost contact
    • Dug too deep, quicksilver seeped in
      • Formed lake
      • Brought evil presence, drove some mad with fear
      • Dark dwarves tunneled in from other mines
        • Worked quicksilver
        • Drove out the Orothiar
      • Goat clerics
      • Increased warg presence last few months
      • Greatly increased last week or so
    • Signal for ship
      • Introduce Madrigan Mintsilver, dwarves of Free Imperia
      • Bring in relief supplies
      • Bring in anti wolf/vamp kits
    • Spend night
      • Work with security
        • Meet brown bears
      • Meet the clan, talk
  • Head for mine in morning
    • Blocked by 10 wargs
    • Bif in point, Aragorn protecting casters, Eltán flying above and behind, flaming sword and shield out

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3/26/23 Game

  • Crom and Eltán fight the ten wargs
    • these look similar, but take more punishment than the last batch
    • the wargs stay focused on the fighters in front
    • they still die
  • Proceeding for another hour, the Party reaches the three mine entrances
    • Warg tracks come and go from all three
    • Tailings and rubble make an uneven terrain, but no ambush lurks
  • Kane picks the leftmost tunnel to enter first.
    • Two forks lead to the right, but are nearly blocked by cave-ins
      • Crom further collapses the first
        • No-one dies
    • Through a Secret Door at a curve near the end, the Party discovers a dozen Stone Giants in two rooms connected by a hallway
      • Giants play bowling for adventurers
        • Crom, Eltán, and Aragorn try to fend off stiff boulder bowling on a hard turf, with some success, while charging the mound
        • Eltán eats a boulder
        • Kane's Staff turns one hard bowled boulder that sneaks through, making him a decidedly sticky wicket
      • Giants die of highly natural causes, like Crom
      • The giants have a huge chest
        • Crom finds the key
        • Crom and Eltán move the slab lid
        • Chest contains:
          • 2,000pp
          • 4,500ep
          • 8,000gp
          • 12,000sp
          • Two giant sized potions, each containing at least 10 normal doses
        • Loot added to portable hole
  • Eltán uses 9 Cure Light Wounds from the Amulet of the Dragon to patch up Crom and himself

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4/2/23 game

  • Party explores second entrance, discovers connection to third
    • Most warg tracks seem to enter and leave here from outside, not going deeper
      • investigating or receiving instructions?
  • Fork to right leads to vertical shaft upwards
    • decayed elevator apparatus
    • narrow stairway
    • tunnel at top is completely choked by webs
  • Bif crawls through to scout, then Kane casts Passwall on a cave-in to get deeper into the mine
  • Room with large pool
    • Strong whirlpool current
    • golden light seems to be at bottom
    • more than 100' deep (Eltán does a sounding)
    • Good fresh water (Kane tests)
  • Back the other way,
    • Bif crawls through a cave-in and finds a dead end
    • Bif tries crawling through another cave-in, but it falls in
      • He avoids harm, but is separated from the party at a downwards shaft
      • Eltán starts digging, but stops when Amulet of the Dragon warns of ambush (glows blue)
        • Warns party through mind-link
        • Form Flaming Sword!
      • Umberhulks burrow into both halves, and attack
        • Umberhulks are both large and CE
        • They totally deserved it (133HP!)
        • Umberhulk tunnels connect around the cave-in
        • We need to search for a lair on the way out!
  • Party goes down the downward shaft
  • 20' drop into large chamber with
    • Dwarven construction, unlike the shoddy work above
    • Two exits
    • Two statues
      • Which set off the ambush warning
        • Eltán pauses above chamber
          • Offers to catch Featherfall-ing casters
      • 2 Iron Golems
        • Shaped like giant Dueregar
        • Which start moving when Bif lands

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4/23/23 Game

  • Crom and Eltán smash the golems, but a fireball trap heals them
  • Fortunately the Fireproofings from Aragorn are up to date
  • The golems are smashed more thoroughly
  • Doq'tor S. Kane dispels the fireball trap
  • Exploring the Dueregar tunnels, the Party encounters guards, who bang an alarm on a gong
    • Crom and Eltán slaughter about 100 Dueregar, who refuse to surrender, more afraid of what lurks below
    • Unworked pile of Bloodstone is found while searching the sleeping area
  • Exploring the round tunnels leads to an incubator with three warm boulder-sized eggs dripping acid, several water crossings, and an Elevator room with a bell.
    • The party flies and featherfalls down the elevator shaft
    • Rounding the corner at the bottom leads to a large chamber with five demons guarding a stairway. Two women and two deep gnomes are chained to the walls.
    • Five more demons gate in.

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7/1/23 Game

  • The Balor Demands the key to the Demon Wing ship
  • The other demons and Crom and Aragorn charge each other
  • Aragorn goes into a frenzy, attacking six times a round
  • More demons keep gating in
    • Every time demons gate in, the red light from the torches gets brighter
    • Every time a demon gets killed a torch goes out
  • Eltán defends Kane and Mica
  • The Balor continues to demand the key
  • When all torches go out, the remaining demons disappear/gate away
  • Aragorn passes out
  • The ladies chained to the wall turn out to be Succubi, and flee when Eltán chides them
  • The gnomes, rescued and healed, tell us we should come meet with their king
    • Their story lines up with that of the Dwarves of Orothiar, except that they think that the Dwarves abandoned them, and they are pissed
    • The path through to their people is occupied and patrolled by the Dueregar
    • Gnomes look at and are overwhelmed by the Symbol of Despair carved over the far door - hopeless gnomes, but only for about half an hour
  • Crom wants to rest here, instead of retreating and returning

7/29/23 Game

  • Mica gets tired of planning, yells “Leroy Jenkins”, dispels the symbol of despair, and heads down the stairs
  • The party follows
  • The stairs lead down and go on for miles, emerging on a ledge beneath the top of a waterfall
  • The ledge opens over a gigantic cavern with a mushroom farm
    • Probably run with slave labor
    • The ledge proceeds in both directions, but seems to lead downward to the left
    • The gnomes say that we need to cross the cavern to continue towards their people and king

8/5/23 Game

  • After some planning
    • Eltán casts silence 15'r on small rock, carries gnomes
    • Party flies across the ceiling, getting a view of the cavern's salient features
      • Huge lake
      • Large irregular pillars supporting ceiling at diagonal crosshatch
      • Cages of beasts and probably slaves at 3's
      • Encampments of tens of thousands of Dueregar at 7's
      • Dueregar cliff dwellings at 4's
      • Mushroom farms at 2's
      • Temple shaped like Orcus' head with flaming eyes at 5
      • Large defensive formations of Dueregar at 8 and Southern tunnel
      • 40 Dueregar with fluglehorn guarding smaller tunnel at 9 (start of red arrow)
    • Using mindlink to coordinate
      • Mica and Aragorn take position near yellow dot
      • Crom and Eltán take position near 9, release gnomes nearby
      • Mica casts a double strength/duration Brilliance at yellow dot, largely stunning Dueregar across the entire cavern
      • Eltán drops into the middle of the group of 40 Dueregar, with rock of silence, and chops off the mouthpiece of the fluglehorn
      • Crom drops behind the 40 Dueregar and attacks from behind
      • Mica and Aragorn rejoin via teleport
    • 40 Dueregar are quickly and silently slaughtered
      • The last fleeing right into Crom, and dying
    • Party proceeds along red-arrowed tunnel
    • Eltán's armor flashes blue, presumably harming unseen undead
    • A shadow flashes past
    • The blue glow flickers as unseen undead test the edges
    • We pass a mound of drained looking corpses
      • Possibly piled on something (Negative energy gate? Item?) which drains them into shades
      • With lots of coins and at least one potion visible
    • Party continues down the tunnel, as blue glow continues to flicker
    • Eltán chucks a fireball down the tunnel, and ignites his sword
    • Leaping ahead as the edge of the 30' anti-undead field is tested, Eltán turns undead (to 60')
      • After repeating twice all the undead seem to be gone
    • Party proceeds to cavern at 18
      • Pools of lava release sulfurous gasses here, making breathing hard
      • Party is protected by Aragorn's fireproof wishes
      • Crom puts the gnomes in a portable hole to get them through
    • Exploring to the right, the first tunnel continues on, probably towards 8
    • The second tunnel leads to another fork
    • Crom releases the gnomes, and they lead the Party past more forks
    • The Party hears and then encounters a marching patrol of a hundred and some gnomes
      • The patrol prepares to charge
      • The rescued gnomes run to them; conversation ensues
      • The patrol stands down
    • The patrol's cleric/shaman approaches us
      • The gnome shaman casts detect alignment and detect lie before speaking with the The Party
      • Eltán detects evil intent on the gnome shaman and patrol, waves his holy symbol at them, and informs the shaman that the patrol seem to be safe
      • The patrol welcomes the Party. They ask how we got past the Dueregar
        • Aragorn tells them about the Free Imperia, mentions the benefits of becoming a trade partner
        • Crom relays the story of our invasion of the Bloodstone Mine of Barony Tranth
        • Eltán stresses the assistance of the Orothiar surface dwarves, and their concern for the Gnomes' well being
    • The Gnome patrol leads the Party onwards to a large cavern at 23 to meet the Gnome King

8/12/23 Game

  • The Party meets Ruggedo, King of the Svirfneblin deep gnomes in his fort.
  • The entire community is on an armed footing, even the young train with crossbows and spears.
  • The Svirfneblin want to raid the Dueregar anyway, but can't break the Temple of Orcus
  • The Party agrees to support their raid and use it as a distraction to attack the Temple.
  • A massive teleport/scrying shield is discovered, extent unknown, separating us from the surface. It is powered by unkown magic, and protects a larger area from a wider range of magics than any we are aware of.
  • A team of Svifneblin are given an Imperial Deployment Directive, maps, signaling apparatus and codes, and teleported towards the entrance with the hope that they can leave the mine and summon a major deployment.
  • The Party takes an extra rest, and supplies the Svirfneblin
    • Chest of Sieges - catapult, ammo in chest from Mica
    • Lots of oil from Mica kegged for catapult shot
    • 1200 gnomes affected with 'Courage' - make 1st morale check automatically from Eltán
    • 5 Firetraps on catapult shot from Eltán
  • The Party plans and coordinates the assault with the Svirfneblin
    • Tentative elements include:
      • Establish forward fort with catapult for Svirfneblin force
        • Eltán casts Fortify
        • Earth elementals raise walls higher, add moat
      • Party teleports over Central Dueregar encampments
        • Drop barrels of oil
        • Aragorn controls normal fires destructively
        • Crom Thorson, Count Volsung uses Rod of Rulership to turn a Dueregar encampment against the one under attack by the Svirfneblin
      • Party flies up ledges to assault temple
    • Possible 2nd front attack if Svirfneblin scouts got through with the Imperial Deployment Directive

9/30/23 Game

  • Party follows the assault plan with light modifications
    • Kane provides a portal for Eltán to throw barrels through
    • Crom uses the Rod of Rulership, amplified by casting Shout, to
      • Turn the middle reserve Dueregar garrison against the two assaulting the new Svirfneblin firebase, and
      • Turn the upper temple protection Dueregar garrison to assaulting the temple
    • The Party follows the Dueregar assault into the temple, avoiding the Tests of Orcus
    • Party passes a statue of a Succubus dispensing liquid into a fountain and proceeds upstairs
      • The Dueregar dip their hands in the liquid
      • The stairs try to burn the party but not the Dueregar
    • Past a 20' statue of Orcus made from solid onyx with two 800,000 gp ruby eyes, and up more stairs
    • Crom Slaughters the High Priest, drunk and asleep in his bed, while Eltán kills his attendant demon
      • Loot from his room includes:
        • A mace
        • Shield
        • Plate Armor
        • Ring
        • Boots
        • Journals
        • Priestly Scrolls
        • Book of Vile Darkness
    • The party, with Crom's Dueregar, slaughters the Dark Guard unit protecting the treasury and loots
      • 1100 Gold Bars
      • 4000 Silver Bars
      • 550 Electrum Bars
      • 280 Platinum Bars
      • (Each bar is equivalent to 1000 coins, and cast with the mark of Orcus)
      • Kane detects and dispels a magic trap on a chest of gems containing:
        • 10,000 gems, red, green and clear, with an average value of 5,000 gp
    • The party slaughters the Alcolytes and another unit of Dark Guard
    • Crom shatters a room full of statues of undead, managing to domino them all with a nat 20
    • Passing a teleporter room, with gates in each corner, the party enters a hall of undead (Zombies, Ghasts, Spectres, and Wraiths)
      • One of Crom's Dueregar goes through each portal
      • Crom uses tracking to establish the most used gate
      • Kane and Eltán fail to turn the undead; Eltán's holy symbol melts.
      • Eltán begins melting undead in earnest, feeling cranky
      • One of Crom's Dueregar pops in the far door to tell us there is a ritual in process at the main temple
      • The party hurries through the teleporter
    • 24 Priests in a circle around the 20' pool of silvery metal are working on a ritual
    • 6 Demons fly down to assault the party
    • Kane casts Silence 15'r on the pool, and it fails magic resistance on a natural 100
    • Aragorn casts a Meteor Swarm from his ring which wipes out the priests
    • Crom and Eltán deal with the demons
    • The Svirfneblin carry the day against the remaining Dueregar
    • Free Imperia Military arrives about as things are wrapping up, and provides assistance and logistical aid
    • Eltán requisitions a new holy symbol
    • The avoided Trials of Orcus are found to include rooms:
      • producing a million plates of food via doubling of an original if all is not eaten
      • with a mobile wall of annihilation
      • with a dormant Tarrasque(!)
      • with a sleeping Huge Ancient Black Dragon
    • The silvery liquid metal is discovered to have potent gate and protection properties, and to be naturally accumulating here, not evil in and of itself, just exploited by evil
      • Kane takes samples
      • Mixed with mortar it gives walls 60% magic resistance
      • It may be able to be used to make mirror gates
      • It is responsible for the teleport/folding shield
    • The Svirfneblin throw a celebration, and grant each party member
      • a Ring of Svirfneblin Friendship, capable of summoning one Svirfneblin within a quarter mile
      • a boon of choice within their power
    • They ratify a treaty, agreeing to:
      • Cooperate with Barony Tranth in Bloodstone mining, increasing production by 25%
      • Trade their goods through the Free Imperia as their exclusive surface agents
      • Cooperate with the Free Imperia in Deep Earth relations
      • Allow a multi-faith religious chapel (Church of Eru, Church of Aslan…) to consecrate, protect, and work with the pool of silvery metal
  • Cleanup begins
    • Statue of Orcus broken into manageable chunks of Onyx for transport
    • Precious metals will be consecrated by religious personnel and resmelted
    • Discussion of acquiring an iron flask for the Tarrasque
    • Plans for a portal for using the test of gluttony as charitable food supply
    • Consider using the test of speed (wall of annihilation) as a gated sewage disposal chamber
    • Something should be done about the dragon before it wakes up
    • Vampire was never found
    • Umberhulks need backtracked to their lair
    • Wolf winter seems to come to natural end
    • Barony Tranth officially joins the Free Imperia
      • Ceremony finally held?
      • Crom wants to get back to the Capital?

1/28/24 Game

  • Farm:
    • Gorgons - blood additive for concrete
      • Anti teleport/folding
    • Hydra - blood for walkie talkie spell
    • Tunnel worms
  • Mica's Iron Flask -
    • Dump Bebelith
      • Sphere of annihilation
    • Capture Tarrasque
  • Kill or leave for Svirfneblin to dispose of
    • Ancient Black Dragon
    • Two Ancient Red Dragons
    • Beholder
  • Block off other trials of Orcus
    • wall of annihilation
    • food generation million plates
  • Bif's Dueregar
    • Sent with his daughter Ren to train as shock troopers
  • Kane studies gate/link to close/re-attune without disastrous consequences
    • Madrigan Mintsilver available for assistance as necessary

5/11/24 Game

  • Resolve to pursue next part of Rod of Seven Parts, believed to be on Arda
  • Mica and Theros Ironfeld make plans to build special Warforged/Golem to wield the Rod.
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