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Crucible and Avatar of Sauron

Long ago Sauron had an invulnerable giant metal body, which he inhabited as an Avatar. He was driven out by an ancient traveling wizard or priest with a magical (and possibly sacred) staff of power. The wizard left the staff with the Eldar, and disappeared into the mountains, perhaps to die, and the Avatar was buried under a tall hill, as it could not be destroyed. References are being combed by the Church of Eru Ilùvatar, the WATC, and other scholarly organizations for hints of the forgotten name or location of the hill.

The Cult of Sauron believes that with The Crucible of Sauron, described as an invulnerable (explodes and remains unharmed) blackened silver vase with insanity inducing runes, they can call Sauron back from the Plane of Shadow to his Avatar.

The Imperial Dispatch and the Paurgiliath Peacekeepers have been set to infiltrate, compromise, and root out the Cult, as well as finding the Crucible and Avatar before they do, and looking for any rumors regarding the Staff of Power. They will report back with any progress. They hope to track the Cult of Sauron through investigating reports of missing women (probable sacrificial victims) at all ports of call: this number will be used as part of a general danger index for areas we trade in.

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