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Southern Archipelago

Stretching South from Endore towards Southernesse, the Archipelago gets more barren the further down the chain one sails.

Cîwharnith is Duchy Eltán's capital, and the nearby Paurgiliath Peacekeepers fort Paurgiliath Peacekeepers Outpost PK#4 guards the harbor mouth. Nearby Paurgiliath Peacekeepers Outpost PK#5, in the North Island, is the primary location of the ambitious Dinosaur breeding, training, and acquisition programs.

Draco Village is a city of Lord Gunthar uth Wistan and the Solamnic Orders with a significant minority population of reformed Draconians.

Pirates become more common on the Southern barren Islands, and the dinosaurs get bigger. Odd warm ruins of huge devices made of silvery metal and glassy material dot the final island, Vulm Shryak.

Imperial Navy Base IN#28 maintains an out island fleet and helps patrol the archipelago.

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