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Solamnic Orders

The Solamnic Orders of Chivalry are Krynnic Knights and dedicated to the Church of Paladine. The remnants of these orders are nominally in Vassalage to Arch Duke Wings.

Lord Gunthar Uth Wistan - F(Militarist) L17 LG Human - Grandmaster, Commander, Solamnic Orders

1st Solamnic Infantry

  • Rolf Enderson - Cav(Knight of Solomnia) L9 LG Human - 1st Solamnic Infantry
    • Henry Cole - Cav L5 CG Human - 1st Solamnic Infantry

2nd Solamnic Infantry

  • Ivan Pavlovich (Cv9)
    • John Vaszak (F6)

Solamnic Heavy Crossbow

  • Michael Milinko - F(Militarist) L5 LG Human - Solamnic Heavy Crossbow
    • Borrin Fltchfire (F3)

Solamnic Hightower Legion

Solamnic Raiders

  • Reggin Stoitbeck - Ranger(Rider) L8 CG Human - Solamnic Raiders
    • Razor Drudge - Thief(Herald) L7 NG Human - Solamnic Raiders
    • Thisselwood (D2)

Solamnic Templars (Paladine)

Solamnic Red Legion

  • Gregori Maydolik - F(Militarist) L10 LG Human - Solamnic Red Legion
    • Alma Vigo (F4)

13th Light Infantry

  • Zak Bulushi (F10)
    • Van Vankoi (F4)
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