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Arch Duke Wings

Arch Duke Wings is a member of The Party.

Arch Duke Wings army list

Significant members of his court include:

Military Units

New Falcónvale Archers

Banti’s Archers

Solamnic Orders

Lord Gunthar Uth Wistan - F(Militarist) L17 LG Human - Grandmaster, Commander, Solamnic Orders

1st Solamnic Infantry

2nd Solamnic Infantry

  • Ivan Pavlovich (Cv9)
    • John Vaszak (F6)

Solamnic Heavy Crossbow

Solamnic Hightower Legion

Solamnic Raiders

Solamnic Templars (Paladine)

Solamnic Red Legion

13th Light Infantry

  • Zak Bulushi (F10)
    • Van Vankoi (F4)

Unique Spells by Wings

Wing's Air Mask


  • Level: 3
  • Range 0
  • Components V, S
  • Duration 2 turns per level
  • Casting Time 4
  • Area of Effect Creature touched
  • Saving Throw Negates

This spell creates a small invisible mask of air that is connected to the plane of air around the recipient's face. This mask will allow the user to breathe normally in almost any condition. In a stinking cloud, under water, or (in Spelljammer) in wild space or Pholgeston. Talking is normal through the mask, and allows for spell casting of spells that require verbal components when in such conditions.

Wings’ Air of Superiority

(alteration, enchantment/charm)

  • Level : 3
  • Range : Touch
  • Components : V,S,M
  • Casting Time : 1 round
  • Duration : 2-8 turns + ½ turn/level (doubled if on self)
  • Area of Effect : 20’ from target
  • Saving Throw : Neg

Description : This spell causes the touched target’s aura to become enhanced. The enhancement on the aura affects those who are within the area of effect or enter it anytime during the spells duration. Firstly those that are interacting with the target are impressed with the bearing, presence, and knowledge of the target. The target gets a +3 on all proficiencies when dealing with those affected, who think the subject is very knowledgeable about the subject and/or skill. Second those whom are opposing the target are subject to pangs of inferiority and suffer from a –2 penalty when interacting with the target (which includes combat). Those who enter the area of effect and fail their saves then leave the area of affect are still affected for the rest of the duration of the spell. If a save is made then that casting of the spell can no longer affect that person. Only one save is made no matter how many times one moves in and out of a peculiar casting of the spell.

Wing's Ship Shield


  • Level: 5
  • Range: Touch
  • Components: V, S, M
  • Duration: 1 round/ level
  • Casting Time: 4
  • Area of Effect: Special
  • Saving Throw: None

This spell surrounds the hull and masts of a single vessel with an invisible field of force which absorbs and cushions damage caused to the vessel by artillery weapons, rams and collisions. The spell will absorb one hull points of damage per caster level before dissipating (unless the duration ends first).

Damage caused by fire, acid, or magical forces (like a Magic Missile spell) is not absorbed (not colliding with a Wall of Force is physical, not magical damage and is thus absorbed).

The crew can benefit only indirectly from this benefit, the proctect only extends about an inch from the ship's surfaces. Thus a rain of arrows onto an open deck will still be a danger to the crew. The caster can affect a vessel upto 5 SJ tons per level in size.

A vessel may have only one “ship shield” active at a time.

The material component of this spell is a cut diamond of no less then 1,000 gp value.

Wings’ Ice Knives

(Alteration/necromancy) (Artifice)

  • Level: 7
  • Range: 10yd + 5yd/level
  • Components: special
  • Casting Time: 1hr
  • Duration: 1mo. + 1wk./level
  • Area of Effect: 10’ dia sphere
  • Saving Throw: ½


By absorbing specially made glass or crystal knives and imbuing them with a bit of the casters life energy, the caster can store these knives within themselves for later use. These knives, of which one can be absorbed for every four caster levels, are thrown with a throwing gesture towards the target (somatic only) at two rates. The slower rate is one ICE KNIFE a round, in which the caster can do another action or cast another spell. The second rate is that the caster can throw one ICE KNIFE every other segment (max 5/rnd.) but can take no other action that round.

When ICE KNIVES hit a target (roll to hit) they shatter, inflicting 1d4 physical damage + one point of cold damage/caster level (save for ½ damage). But the major affect is that those who are caught in the area of effect suffer 1d4 points damage to one random statistic (save vs. spell for only one point of stat loss). This stat loss only affects living creatures and is affected by a maximum of one ICE KNIFE in a given round, no matter how many shatter in their vicinity. (They may be affected by the physical effect of multiple shattering ICE KNIVES.) When the spell is cast a small ritual is preformed wherein the caster absorbs special knives crafted out of glass or crystal (each costing 100gp) and imbues 1hp/knife of life force. These hp are not available while the knives are held within the magic-user, and may be healed normally after the knife/knives are thrown.

Only one set of ICE KNIVES may be held at any one time. The ICE KNIVES may not be dispelled, although an anti-magic field or similar effect causes the ICE KNIVES held to fall out onto the floor from the mages body. (The knives are unharmed but are no longer charged.) The expiration of the spell also causes the knives to fall out of the mage.

Cold using creatures suffer ½ damage from the cold damage and only suffer 1 point of stat. damage.

The stat. damage may never take the stat below 1 and returns at a rate of 1 point a day, or 1d3+1 pts/ day with complete bed rest.

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