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King Gilthanas Kanan of House Eventine

Speaker of the Sun and Moon

F/M(Noble) 10/14 CG Qualinesti (Krynnic High Elf)

Gilthanas' character sheet

Armies under King Gilthanas and Arch Duke Eltán

Gilthanas Kanan Eventine is the hereditary king of the Krynnic Elves, uniting the Qualinesti and Silvanesti as Speaker of the Sun and Moon.

He is the head of House Kanan and House Eventine. His younger sister Laurana Kanan Eventine, is the wife of Aragithalas Sercenornorow Kanan, and thus Empress of the The Free Imperia.

Gilthanas is a member of the Order Magika.

Gilthanas is the Ruler of the Elflands, a Kingdom of the Free Imperia comprised of all the elven nations-in-exile of Krynn. His rulership of each nation is on different terms. For instance, whilst the Qualinesti people are ruled by the Speaker of the Sun, they are in fact governed by the Thalas-Enthia, which is the senate whose members are the leaders of the powerful guilds and communities within Qualinesti society. The Thalas-Enthia govern Qualinesti and how it should be run, however the Speaker has the power to overturn any decision to ensure his people are ruled wisely and properly.

He is married to Silvana, who appears to be a lovely elven lady. Silvara on Dragonlance Fandom


Founder of Twinned Trees, the South Valley suburb capital of the Elflands.

Founder of Trade Fortress, a major port city of the Elflands on East Harbor.

Founder of Krynn, a major port and aquatic city of the Elflands on the Dargonesti Sound.

Founder of Quilinestia, the capital city of the Qualinesti Elves, where the Qualinost River is joined by the turbulent Gâthflow.

Founder of New Silvan, the capital city of the Silvenesti Elves on the Great Sylvanesti Bay.

Founder of Wild Mountains, the nominal capital city of the Kagonesti White Eagle Clan, on the Kagonesti Basin.

Court and Retainers

His important retainers include:

Military Forces

Royal Qualinesti Guard

  • Ildor Sithalislisa (C6)
    • Valanthalas (C5)
    • Sergeant Malcothala (C2)

House Eventine Royal Knights

  • Coltha Tallowood - Crusader POSM(Archer) L7 CG Qualinesti  - Commander, Royal Knights
    • Misha Qelli (MU6)
    • Bailithas Vinerunner (R2)

Legion of Steel

1st Krynnic Archers

  • Galrothales Evintine - Ranger(Archer) L10 CG Qualinesti(Krynnic High Elf) - Commander, 1st Krynnic Archers
    • Ranaltethalisa (F6/MU2)
    • Xanthalisa (MU7)

2nd Krynnic Archers

  • Delek Dragonslayer (R14)
    • Marah Thalsana (MU10)
    • Theogood (MU3)

3rd Krynnic Archers

  • Garthethethalas (F9)
    • Nc’Kastibithas (R7)

4th Krynnic Archers

  • Thomaetrea Tallbow (F10)
    • Jilliavis Massion (F6)

Krynnic Loose Archers

  • Baltar Glasswind (F2)
    • Ilanahalsita (R3)

Royal Expeditionary

  • Zeliothast Dalcor (R3)
    • V’lilaisla Najutslasi (F2)

Qualinesti Infantry Reserve

  • Zachubua Dracalus (F8)
    • Harlisa Starbreeze (F3)

1st Krynnic Calvary

  • Lindt Lirrallele (C4)
    • Haram Barthallonue

2nd Krynnic Calvary

  • Giddithalias Mualini (C5)
    • Phliopisala  Barrlewood

10th Krynnic Archers

  • Laura Autheritutze (F10)
    • Xrazmelig (F9)
    • Tallon (see book)

Qualinesti Scout

  • Shadow - Ranger(Scout) L5 CG Qualinesti (Krynnic High Elf) - Qualinesti Scout

Silvanesti Scout (Kirath)

  • Lieutenant Torian Hartrunner (R8)
    • Ralia Mystess (R14)
    • Jahran Kaldeist (D6)

Qualinesti Home Guard

Silvanesti Home Guard

Wildrunners (Kirath)


Aquatic Guard

  • Sergeant Dimetri

White Eagle Kagonesti Tribe

Character History


5'8“, 120 lbs., blonde hair, brown eyes

Gilthanas is the middle child of the Kanan family, and Laurana's brother. He is brave but somewhat narrow-minded, and sees humans as the cause of the Qualinesti's current problems. Gilthanas is close friends with Aragorn and considers him a brother and his trust for Laurana keeps him close. After his brother-died Aragorn backed him to become King. He did so out of loyalty to his people but keeps very close relationships with the old eleven court. He and Silvera can not have Children since she is actually a Silver Dragon, so he has announced that his Nephew Silvan will succeed him as king when he steps down. He and Silvera threat Silvan as if he were their very own child and treat Alhana as close family. Gitlthanas knows Alhana is keeping a relationship with her Military governor, but he likes Kornnel very much and finds him to be a useful tactician. He despises the Dark Queen and will do anything to save his people from evil atrocities. He finds Arch-Duke Wings to be a bit on the arrogant side, but often relies on him for magic advice and training.

He left Krynn in search of an Elven homeland devoid of evil and Aragorn led him to Arda. Shocked to reforge the Elves home world he is tired of wars and longs for peace and prosperity for the elves. Gilthanas is a close advisor to Aragorn and confidant to the Imperial seat and has grown fond of many of the humans he now knows. He quiet now and has an air of sadness. Thoughtful and cunning, he is very loyal to his families.

Extra Possessions:

potion of cat's grace, potion of invisibility, Sla-Mori stone (knock 2/day)

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