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Wildrunners - Kirath

The Wildrunners are Kirath - barbaric elves from Krynn, in service to King Gilthanas Kanan of House Eventine.

  • General Cathimus Tederai - Ranger(Kirath) L14 CG Silvanesti (Krynnic High Elf) - Commander, Kirath Wildrunners.
    • Ralia Mystess - Ranger(Scout) L14 CG Silvenesti (Krynnic High Elf) - Ranger Lady, Kirath Wildrunners.
    • Captain Silusia Mia - Ranger(Kirath) L8 CG Krynnic High Elf - Silvenesti - Captain, Kirath Wildrunners.
    • Lieutenant Torian Hartrunner - Ranger(Mystic) L8 CG Silvenesti (Krynnic High Elf) - Lieutenant, Kirath Wildrunners.
    • Marlil - D(Scout) L10 NG Silvenesti (Krynnic High Elf) - Druid, Kirath Wildrunners.
    • Jahran Kaldeist - Druid(Kirath) L6 NG - Silvenesti (Krynnic High Elf)Druid, Kirath Wildrunners.
    • Alhana Mingara - Ranger(Kirath) L6 NG Silvenesti (Krynnic) - Kirath Wildrunner.
    • Schillara Bowelf (R6)
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