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Rilliona DawnBringer

Rilliona Dawnbringer is a Court Mage serving under King Gilthanas Kanan of House Eventine.

Rilliona Dawnbringer is a member of the Order Magika.

She is working on Fortress Construction with the Field Engineering Corps.

Mage L10 CG Silvanesti(Krynn)

Rilliona's character sheet

Character History

Rilliona was born south of Palanthus in Varus. Her parents were Lalena and Hawkwood, rare Silvanesti who felt an urge to wander in their youth.

When they returned to Silvanost after several years of adventures, they met with disdain from the other elves, who regarded them as uncouth barbarians. The couple relocated to Varus, where they had several friends.

The ranger Hawkwood helped protect the town, while his wife, a White Robe Mage, advised the town council. Both were highly respected, and Liliornin was given the privileges of nobility.

Both of Rilliona’s parents were in the council chambers when a black dragon and a legion of draconians attacked Varus. The evil horde was after the wealth of a merchant band who made their annual stop at Varus on their way to winter housing in Palanthus.

The city just got in the way. The massacre that occurred that day was unknown for weeks until the merchant band was reported missing and a search party from Palanthus found their decaying bodies in the burned-out remains of Varus.

Not everyone was killed that day. Several of those living on the outskirts of town escaped into the mountains to the west. Rilliona was one such person, and she vowed to remove the evil infesting Krynn. She hid in the mountains for several weeks, drinking from the springs and eating whatever food was available.

After her time in hiding, she walked to Palanthus and presented herself to the Wizards of the White Robes, demonstrating the skills her mother had taught her and asking to learn more in order to destroy evil.

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