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Perreth Sunbreeze

Perreth Sunbreeze is a Court Mage serving under King Gilthanas Kanan of House Eventine.

Perreth Sunbreeze is a member of the Order Magika.

Mage L14 CG Elf

Perreth's character sheet

Character History

Some people dispute whether Perreth is really Perreth's given name, or a descriptive nickname that he took as his own. The elf just grins if asked.

Perreth was expelled from his apprenticeship for switching his master's dust of disappearance with itching powder. He wandered Ansalon for several decades as an acrobat, carnival performer, and renegade mage. He eventually returned and apologized to his old master by presenting him with a “lost” spell the aged wizard had long sought, explaining that he traded a kender a truly brilliant limerick for it.

Perreth passed his Test of High Sorcery at the Tower of Wayreth after further study and chose white robes. Mention of the test is one of the few things which causes Perreth's smile to fade, and he changes the subject quickly when it is mentioned. Perreth will not discuss his test, but he has shown a hatred for undead.

Unique Spells by Perreth Sunbreeze

Perreth Sunbreeze's Ashen Buckler

AKA: Ashen Buckler


  • Level: 1
  • Area of Effect: Caster
  • Casting Time: 1
  • Components: V, S, M
  • Duration: Special
  • Range: 0
  • Saving Throw: None

The caster of this spell creates a small buckler, made of ash, which floats in front of him. The buckler moves with amazing speeds to parry all incoming attacks against the caster and absorbs the damage they were supposed to cause. It can absorb up to 2 points of damage per level of the caster, to a maximum of 30 points of damage. Only 1 such spell can be active at any given time, and it cannot be in effect while the caster as any spell upon him that prevents attacks from hitting him completely, be it Stone skin or even Protection from normal missiles. But it will work along with spells that reduce the caster's AC or other spells that increase his “ghost” number of HP like this spell.

Material component is a miniature brass buckler (worth 5sp) that is smeared with ash. The component is consumed in the casting.

(Source: ENB)

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