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House Kanan and House Eventine

The royal house of Krynnic Elves. Gilthanas is their hereditary King, and Speaker of the Sun and Moon.

The wife of Aragithalas Sercenornorow Kanan, thus the Empress of the Free Imperia is Laurana Bloodrunner Eventine Kanan, younger sister to Gilthanas.

Gilthanas inherited on the death of his eldest brother Porthios. Porthios was survived by his wife Alhana Starbreeze Kanan, who was the daughter of the Speaker of Stars, and their young son Silvanoshei Kanan Eventine, or Silvan who is the heir apparent as Gilthanas and his wife are unable to bear children.

Galrothales Evintine, scion of a cadet branch of the house, leads the 1st Krynnic Archers.

Their important retainers include:

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