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Alhana Starbreeze Kanan

Queen dowager of the Krynnic Elves, widow of Porthios.

Mother of the young Silvanoshei, or Silvan who is the heir apparent as Gilthanas and his wife are unable to bear children.

F(Noble) L14 NG Silvanesti (Krynnic High Elf)

Aunt of Kiryn Caladon.

Alhana Starbreeze Kanan character sheet

Character History

Alhana grew up privileged, entrenched in the beliefs of Silvanesti superiority, and enclosed in her own world. The War of the Lance forced her and so many others outside of that protected sphere. She married Porthios, she does it out of duty to try to bring the elven nations into one while the Evil Armies start to take over. After Porthios got killed in the Defense of Qualinesti and covering the retreat of the good elves of Krynn, She retreated into herself and she is seen by many as cold. This is first caused by her perceptions of her superiority. When Porthios died, she tried to hide her pain, and by doing so, she continues to appear withdrawn. Her bond with Porthios become caring and companionable, even bloomed into love. She cares deeply for her son, and is overprotective, because she has seen the dangers of the new world. She is honest and strait forward, but can be diplomatic when need be. Alhana is daughter of the Speaker of the Stars. She also has a son, Silvanoshei (Silvan), which is another joint between the kingdoms, but they are currently unable to throne him although he is the heir apparent sense Gilthanas has announced that he and his Queen are unable to have any children. After Alhana found out that Gilthanas is grooming her son to continue where his brother left off, she happily consolidated the speaker of the sun and moon into the krynnic king title. Aragorn had been very close with Gilthanas and backed his reluctantly taking over after Porthios died. Elves in Qualinesti and Silvanesti, understanding the link between the kingdoms and currently in the homeworld of the Elves have whole heartedly backed their royal leadership, not to mention they enjoy their position within the Empire even having Elf royal leadership at that level. Silvan is bright caring and only a bit older then Ambery. There has been some talk to a marriage between Silvan and the Imperial princess. Alhana had been exiled for many years and was forced to spend her time in caves and army camps, raising her son. She misses her husband but her close ties to the current elven king keep her busy. She is accepted in the Krynnic elf court again, but spends much of her time in the Imperial court. She has become very good friends with The Empress Laurana and acts as an advisor and confident in both venues. She is an exelent diplomat and competent fighter. Since Porthios death and the move to Arda she has started to quietly keep a relationship with her military governor, Konnal Gilthanas treats his nephew Silvan as if he was his own child and Silvan has his run within the Imperial court as well. Aragorn and Laurana like Alhana.

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