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Princess Tashari of the Dargonesti Elves

The Priestess of the Sea, Princess Tashari of the Dargonesti Elves is a vassal of King Gilthanas Kanan of House Eventine.

Some of her personal retainers include:

F/C(Mariner) L3/7 CG Sea Elf

Princess Tashari's character sheet

Character History

Princess Tashari  is niave as they come yet also very charming and cute.  She is less likely a true leader among the true elf kingdoms because she loves parties and beautiful things; she defers in all things to the speaker of the sun and moons.  She has little grasp of the real dangers her people are in… She is very blessed and lucky in everything she does.  Her faith in the gods of the sea is boundless. She often just refers to the god of the sea as her true father… and many are starting to believe her with how lucky she is.

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