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WATC Fleet

Admiral Keeris Waremonger is the Fleet Admiral of the WATC Fleet.

The WATC Fleet, built over 6 months by the FEA Group, hopefully consists of

  • 50 Hammerships, 60 tons, major helms
  • 50 Swanships, 32 tons, major helms
  • 500 custom Patrol Boats powered by Rudders of Propulsion
  • 250 unpowered barges for SJ towing
  • Sky Castles including WATCH and Lock Tankers
  • ships on contract from the Empire or individuals
  • extra space on Free Imperia Navy ships.
  • Airships?!?
  • Wet hull ships, particularly on the Great Inland Waterway and in the Southern Archipelago.

Over the six months leading up to the Old Bloodstone Mine exploration and the Imperial annexation of Barony Tranth, between purchases and construction, the WATC grew to approximately 100 SJ hulls. For details see FEA Group.

Free Imperia Navy

Independent Vessels

WATC Ships

Cargo Barge

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