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Admiral Keeris Waremonger

Admiral Waremonger is the commanding Admiral of the West Arda Trading Company Fleet, and is a Serving Board Member of the West Arda Trading Company.

F(Pirate) L15 LG High Elf

Admiral Keeris Waremonger character sheet

Character History

Admiral Keeris Waremonger is the Admiral of the Airship fleet, he is the Guilder from the Airshipman's Guild. He has done nothing but trade and command airships since he was a child. He is a good captain and a decent admiral, not militarily minded, but he has nothing but the kingdoms financial well-being at heart. He is a just and fair non military captain, avoids whippings, performs all punishments himself, is very aloof and disinterested in personal reasons. He started as a merchant and continues in the Kingdoms interest.

Arch Duke Eltán discovered that this good and worthy man had at no point in the last 30 years of his selfless service to the Free Imperia had more than 10 gold pieces to his name. Apparently an Admiral's pay only covers so much charitable giving.

Eltan recruited him as the second member of the Acting Board of the West Arda Trading Company, entitling him to 1% of all WATC profits as long as he serves. The soup kitchens and animal shelters in his neighborhood will doubtless see most of the profits as soon as he does, but Eltán advanced him 398gp and 3sp directly from the Church of Eru's paymaster as his one percent of the minimum not-crisis prediction for profits from the first week's trading.

We are lucky to be so well served.

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