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Flag Admiral Miles Teg

Admiral Miles Teg was promoted from Captain Tactician to Flag Admiral of the Free Imperia Navy.

Fighter/Geometer(Academician) L7/2 LG Human

Admiral Miles Teg's character sheet

Character History

Miles Teg had been instructed in the wizarding ways by his mother before being sent to Brail to train as a spelljamming captain, a space faring tactician.

Teg is a military genius, having a very strong sense of honor, loyalty, and many of the characteristics of his ancestors. He is well known for doing the unexpected. Teg has grown to respect the ideals of the Free Imperia, and so long as it stays true to its design, he will swear his allegiance to it.

On the retirement of Admiral Blade, Teg was promoted to Flag Admiral of the Imperial Navy, and Mica enhanced his mental capabilities.

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