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Jarlaxle is a Drow Blademaster.

F(Blademaster) L17 NE Drow

Jarlaxle's character sheet

Character History

Little is known of Jarlaxle's past, but he has led Bregan D'aerthe for more than 70 years. Jarlaxle and his band played into the downfall of not one but two noble houses during that time. When House Hun'ett attacked Do'Urden, the attacking drow were supported by Bregan D'aerthe, even while Jarlaxle was in the presence of Matron Malice Do'Urden. She made the rogue drow a better offer, and in the middle of the battle, Bregan D'aerthe switched sides, ensuring the end of house Hun'ett.

     Jarlaxle and Bregan D'aerthe were also involved in the massive drow force that attacked Mithral Hall under the leadership of Matron Mother Baenre. While the matron mother and several other Baenre females where killed in the failed attack, Jarlaxle the ultimate survivor came through unscathed.

      Recently Jarlaxle has usurped power in all the underworld operations in the city of Calimport, putting his “friend” Artemis Entreri as his human liason in charge of the assassins guild. With this newfound power, Jarlaxle has spread his influence towards other drow cities. And his operatives have found a book of power and an artifact of incredible power. The book is being translated by Gromph Baenre the Archmage of Menzoberranzan. Most of the pieces of the Crown of Sirius, have been assembled, except for one stone-rumored to be in the Underdeep, somewhere below the Sea of Fallen Stars.

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