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Several particularly ancient vampires of diverse origin have grudges against The Free Imperia, and are believed to be on Arda. They and their minions are a significant cause of trouble. Older vampires don't stay dead very well, and are often immune to some or all of the things that their younger brethren are allergic to. We try to teach them better, but that's all just parsley.

The Church of Eru Ilùvatar and all of the allied churches that will listen are investigating building spell focuses for the 3rd level clerical spell Sunrise. Focuses are sustained by 100 people praying 10+ hrs per day; we try to schedule 160 people per day as a minimum, so that we don't fail at having 100 sincere worshipers each day, but if we do run short of ordinary worshipers then clerics count for 10 people and monks count for 2. The effect is that everyone who has been through the archway/door of our temple can speak the name of Ilùvatar, and just once, radiate a blast of light which is moderately damaging to vampires and fungi. Sunrise creates a 5' sphere of light lasting 1+D4 rounds that does 4D6 (sv for 1/2) damage to vampires and fungi, confusing them on the first round, with an additional save for those actually vulnerable to sunlight to avoid destruction. In its delayed form, the flare can be triggered as a result of a command word from an affected person, assuming they are still aware that they need to use a command word to produce the flare. When Sunrise is used on the caster, an effort of will is sufficient o trigger it. For the Church of Eru Ilùvatar, the Paurgiliath Peacekeepers provide many of the scheduled worshipers needed to maintain the blessed archway, in addition to a vast reserve of Eru worshiping personnel across the street in Peacekeepers HQ. Sunrise isn't on the list of pre-approved spell foci, but it is only 3rd level, it has a delayed one time version that lasts until used, and it fits in an easy sensible narrative: “folks what been to church burn them whampires some”.

Vampires are awkward to kill, returning over and over, often even if their personal taboos and immunities are closely exploited. Immunities seem to increase with age. Thalion Paurgiliath Arch Duke of Eltán tinkers with the idea of flying an open gate to the shadow demi-plane into the sun while we kill significant undead, to burn them as they arrive on the other side, but maybe that's how you lose suns. He doesn't know.

The known elder vampires causing problems are:

Thuringwethil, an ancient vampire lord of Arda.

Rekh Vardajau an ancient vampire from Earth with a particular grudge against Arch Duke Wings, who trapped him in an iron flask for some time.

Fionna Casilltenirra An elven vampiress, she became a vampire for love of a human, but her maker betrayed her, killing her intended. She slew her maker.

Shridra T'sarran a particular servant of Lolth / Ungoliant.

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